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Forums - General Discussion - What are your biggest interests?

I have a friend who is very interested in airplanes, and because of that he knows a lot about airplanes.  He knows how to fix them, how much they cost, knowledge of a variety of planes, and he's learning how to fly them.  

It's pretty cool to have interests that basically drive you to learn everything about those things.  

So what are your big interests that you know everything about? 

Or what are your big interests that you wish you knew everything about?

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Sewage treatment.

And floriculture cooking anime.

Astrophysics are an interest of mine but I certainly don't know everything about it and that's part of the excitement as there is always more to be learned about this science.

For example I could tell you something that up to a few days ago would have sounded totally crazy and even ridiculous and yet now it's completely true: There is right now a car in space that is a satellite of earth. a Tesla is currently orbiting the earth. Oh boy!

I usually like to learn the history about topics rather than the specifications or how do do it.

World history: I like to learn about foreign history. I am very biased towards Asia such as China, Japan, Korea, Iran and Turkey. The places outside of Asia that interest me the most are Mexico, Egypt, Italy and Spain.

Video games: I mainly like the games from the fifth and sixth generations (PS1 and PS2). I also really like Super Nintendo games. My favourite franchises are Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros., Metal Gear, Resident Evil and Tekken.

Following team sports: The Stanley Cup playoffs and the FIFA World Cup are my favourite tournaments. After that are the MLB, NFL and UEFA Champions League. I'm a casual NBA fan, I don't pay much attention during the season but follow it during the playoffs.

 Professional wrestling: I really like WWE especially the time period between 1997-2003. When I feel like watching a good match though I sometimes watch NJPW or AJPW.

 Movies: Action and horror. But definitely not an expert.

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- History of the British Isles.
- Belgian comics.
- Richard Adams' books

Video games, music (particularly heavy metal), world history, languages, geography (particularly human), politics, wrestling, NHL, and maybe a few others.

My personal answer:

I know a lot about computers.  I wouldn't likely call myself an expert, but it's probably the closest thing I have.  

Also interested math, physics. Compared to most people, I'm an expert in these, but I also know I have a lot to learn.  

Languages and linguistics has recently become a big interest of mine.  

Those are the big ones for me.

VGPolyglot said:
Video games, music (particularly heavy metal), world history, languages, geography (particularly human), politics, wrestling, NHL, and maybe a few others.

I should have guessed. 

Just in general natural science. Astrophysics, chemistry, nanotechnology, mathematics, you name it. Also finance, stocks, things like that.

I try to read widely and my interests tend to change but the three constants would be history, law and economics. I'm in law school so I guess thats a given.