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Forums - Sales Discussion - Switch eShop charts, February 3rd - February 10th 2018

Night in the Woods was not released this week, but it is the first time it enters in the top 20 of eShop.

Dragon Quest Builders, Disc Jam, Mercenary Kings Reloaded, Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, Dandara, Black Hole, The Darkside Detective, Aegis Defenders, Aperion Cyberstorm, ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun, Premium Pool Arena, Arcade Archives CRAZY CLIMBER and ACA NEOGEO 2020 SUPER BASEBALL were also released this week, but didn't appeared in the top 20 of eShop.

Brawlout and Golf Story are back to the top 20 of eShop.

Remember, the chart is from USA Eshop only.


1. Celeste (-)

2. Arcade Archives Vs. Super Mario Bros. (-)

3. Overcooked: Special Edition (-)

4. Stardew Valley (-)

5. Rocket League (2)

6. Night in the Woods (NEW)

7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (1)

8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (1)

9. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (1)

10. Super Mario Odyssey (-)

11. NBA Playgrounds: Enhanced Edition (1)

12. Earth Wars (2)

13. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (2)

14. Darkest Dungeon (9)

15. Brawlout (Back to Top 20 )

16. Golf Story (Back to Top 20 )

17. Doom (2)

18. 1-2 Switch (-)

19. The Escapists 2 (6)

20. ARMS (3)

Source: Switch eShop


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damn looking at the list, 1-2 switch wont go away, still in the top 20 lol

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Damn, no Splatoon 2 or Sonic Mania?
That's the first I've seen.

Yay! Celeste is number one! . It was an insane experience, it's always nice to see games you actively love in the top spots.

Disapointed that Dandara didn't reached the top 20.

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Hope Microsoft ports more of there games not named Halo or Gears but could port some Rare classics Like Banjo and Diddy kong racing on Nintendo Switch since Minecraft is a huge success and charting top 10 many times

I game on all consoles and PC

Awww ... Xeno 2 isn't in the top 20 anymore

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