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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anybody still own a Sega Genesis (megadrive)?? There’s a new game dropping.


still own a Sega Genesis (megadrive)??

Yes 0 0%
No 0 0%
A Sega what!?!? 0 0%

Yep you heard that right. A developer is releasing a brand new game for the Sega Genesis (megadrive in U.K.) complete with case and cartridge.

The game is called Tanglewood and you play “nymn” who has to survive the night till morning comes.

PSN ID: Stokesy 

Add me if you want but let me know youre from this website

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Hmm, it doesn't look enticing enough for me to be willing to pick it up.

Oh yeah, I remember this game, finally coming out is it. Looks amazing for a Genesis game not made by Sega, might pick it up for sure.