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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Scorpio and WMR, Why didn't they?

I cant understand why didn't microsoft built the scorpio to support WMR headsets. Considering the XBOX ONE X can push graphics as capable as 1060 GTX, and since they track inside out, they would be great for at VR experience.

With xbox one X being less than 500, and some WMR being 250 dollars, you could get a great VR experience for under 800 dollars total, and would put PSVR to shame. To support would only need an extra hdmi output and some software development on xbox OS. I think they missed a great opportunity to offer something that the playstation cant since the PSVR is year behind the VIVE/OCCULUS/WMR tech.

Imagine having a premium VR for less than 800 dollars and with a easy setup since WMR track inside out. Easier even than the weak PSVR.

The  xbox one S wouldnt support, so they would need to male it clear, and there would be some whining about that. But would sure be worth from their sales of xbox one X that console players itching for the occulus and VIVE fix that only the PC had a chance to experience.

I cant understand how they missed this opportunity

note: used scorpio as a nickname for XBOX ONE X, because I want make clear that only the X would support and to make more legible.

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It's honestly not a terrible idea, but they would have had to make it a loss leader thing, maybe give it away with Scorpio/X1X during holiday seasons or whatever. Otherwise it'd be pretty hard to get publishers to support what would amount to an absolutely miniscule install base.

It kind of comes back to the problem with the X1X, and to a large extent, the PS4 Pro : they're selling to the hardcore fans of the platforms that ALREADY were invested. I'd wager that at least 80% if not much higher of the buyers of these mid-gen consoles are people that are replacing OG/Slim/S models. This is good if they turn around and sell their old consoles to help grow the market for the extreme value conscious buyers who don't buy in over $199. The staggering sales of the $189 S and $199 Slim show just how hungry that under-served market is.

But the other direction higher? I think it bleeds over far too easily into the extreme hobbyist, who is far more likely to go the PC route than a niche mid-gen console. The reason PSVR has any footprint at all is because it hit pretty early, for a pretty low price, for a MASSIVELY successful platform, and it was very heavily invested in by Sony. A pretty heady list of factors to help it succeed, and it's still pretty niche. An X1X-only VR thing .. would be pretty far up against the wall.

The only way I think it could really take off is if they made it :

$199 or less, and cross-compatible out of the box with X1X, X1S, and Windows 10. Bundle it with a decent game or two that isn't exactly lighting up the charts any more. Say bundle with Horizon 3 and Gears 4 VR mode. And as much as it's unlikely to happen, they'd have to make it work with one of the existing PC VR marketplaces like SteamVR, Oculus store, whatever. They'd miss out on way too many games if they didn't, unless they REALLY moneyhatted people into offering PC VR stuff on Windows store. That's a hell of an uphill battle though. Oh yeah, I said 'X1S' up there. Obviously X1S wouldn't work with the AAA style VR games, but there's no reason an S couldn't do VR movies/lighter indie games functionally. Lock out S users from purchasing games not compatible with the console, or warn them that it may run in severely cut-down modes, IDK.

But an X1X-only VR would be a niche within a niche, and destined for summary failure.

I am talking about using the existing WMR headsets, they would still be compatible with WINDOWS 10. It would work exactly as is now. And games on windows store for WMR could be eady to be ported for xbox one X, since porting is easy when using the UWP. And would be cross-buy exactly like games for gear of wars4 etc.

Hell, this way, even some WMR pc users could buy a scorpio to play when they went to parties etc. PLaying the same games they purchased on windows store.

The only reason wouldnt be compatible with original XBOX, is because the room scale experience was design for 970 gtx in mind. And because only scorpio would have the extra HDMI output port.

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Are the existing WMR headsets really that good though? All I've read about them is that they are competent, and going with the more expensive ($500) Samsung model is the way to go. The cheaper ones don't do PSVR to shame from what I've read.

Here's a comparison

MS would need to do a lot of work on the software front, not their strong suit atm. They said themselves they rather concentrate on games as a service for now.

I'm hoping they'll announce something at E3, yet it needs a lot of work. And then it remains to be seen how well each HMR headset and its specific controllers will be supported. Porting is not easy, UWP or not. Different fov, different scale, different resolutions, different controllers, lots of compatibility issues.

Yes! And bring back KIinect too!

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There’s a lot more to it than a second HDMI port - especially if you are using lower power hardware to drive it.  The PSVR has additional hardware to “fake up” higher refresh rates by deforming the bitmap as it is displayed to ensure that head tracking stays in the correct place.  Even then it can be barf enducing!

Then there’s the all the software support needed.  Developing that can take a couple years.  You’d be better off buying or licensing an existing solution.