Forums - Movies Discussion - Who would have though Jumanji could hit 1 Billion World-Wide?

Still $145 Million away, but it's still hitting #1 (for the final weekend last weekend) and it has yet to be released in Japan. Highly unlikely, but still possible.


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It could do up to 50 in Japan with some luck, another 60 ww.

Probably 950m when it's done


PS4 will sell 25 million units before 31st of March!

Edit: I didn't state what year! HAHA, so I'm still right in some sense

Correction, it's 140 million away. With a fair bit of luck, it could do it, but 860 million is already insane.

amazing, didn't expect that. know that there were much hype about, but still...

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I certainly didn't expect it. Most people were expecting it to suck like most reboots do.

Good to see Sony’s movie bussiness doing good :)

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

Tmfwang said:
Good to see Sony’s movie bussiness doing good :)

Would Sony hsvr made much profit off that? 

Originally, no one. The movie has done incredibly well with good word of mouth. WoM is better than any advertising.

Same happened with Greatest Showman.

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Like it better than the original. It’s paints itself as a sequel not a reboot. And the biggest surprise of all are all the adult innuendos. Clever enough for adults to laugh and adult enough for kids to not understand them.


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