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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Panzer Dragoon Saga - Gaming's lost masterpiece

Hey guys.


I came across this aticle of Panzer dragoon saga and i thought i'd share it with you to give this game more exposure. It's an interview with the director of the game and how development went.

I think now is a perfect time for this game to be remade/reborn. But it is very unlikely, so let's talk about it and maybe someone will see it. (i recommend listening to this aswell ).


The Ruinous Road of Gaming’s Missing Masterpiece

‘Panzer Dragoon Saga’ remains one of the greatest video games of all time. Twenty years after its creation, it also remains nearly impossible to play, a cult classic whose elusiveness mirrors the misery that suffused its development, setting, and story.



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I agree, this should be remade. Brilliant game.

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I still have my copy in good condition as well, I've always said PDS was the best rpg of that gen and that a full on remake needs to be done.