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Forums - Sales Discussion - GTA V sells 90m. 15m in 2017 alone.


Dont know how to embed tweets so illI link to the thread i seen them on. 90m milestone and 15m sold last year.


It will hit 100m this year for sure. 

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well i've bought it several times lol

i would assume others have too



I bought it once on 360. The sp was good. Mp.... Na. Not my thing.

GTA 5 is a good game but not so good that it sells as much as some of the biggest game series. Its not even the best GTA game. Sad that so many people buy GTA 5 for its crap multiplayer. There are games with both better single player and multiplayer than GTA 5 but they don't have that name recognition.

Who is still buying this game? lol, I have not been one of them.

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Looking forward GTA5 VR Edition!

Then GTA5 VR Remaster!!!

Then GTA5 VR Definitive Edition!!!!!!

Incredible sales. Very happy for Rockstar, now I just hope they dump those profits into something that redefines the industry with the next iteration. GTA6 should be a VR exclusive, and become an icon in the industry as the game that made VR mainstream.

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It's a good game, no doubt but I also think that the game is not the best in the series.

Also where's my singleplayer DLC?

Barozi said:
It's a good game, no doubt but I also think that the game is not the best in the series.

Also where's my singleplayer DLC?

Agreed. It clearly has the best MP for a GTA game but I don't think the SP missions are as memorable as in other GTA games and that's the most important thing for me personally. Furthermore, I hope that GTA6 will let you play as a single character and make switching between characters optional.

And I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of SP DLC as well.

Damn, only what can stop GTA5 is GTA6. :)

I hope Switch will recive GTA5, full handheld GTA5 will be huge thing in any case.

Why not release it on Switch while the game is still hot?

Nintendo should've reached out to them and convinced them somehow to release it. If it sold 3+ million, which I'm sure it will if released early this year, it will set a strong bases for future GTAs on the system.