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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is the NINTENDO switch selling so WELL?

i had my system day one.. and i am really enjoying it.. but i had my doubts at first.. but now i cant put it down

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Nintendo Labo.


My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Portability plus quality games.

Combined handheld/console interest. A hybrid turned out to be a really good idea. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft follow suit again like they did with Move and Kinect in Gen 7.

Only this time, it'll be a good gimmick instead of an unwanted gimmick.

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Games, portability, and games

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This thread was brought to you by the letter "EXCLUSIVES. "

-flexibility of play
-doesn't tether you to a big screen TV.
-built in portable co-op
-built-in word-of-mouth advertising via portable co-op
-follows through on providing console quality experiences on the go
-first dedicated HD portable console
-great first year lineup
-doesn't look like a fisher price toy
-good advertising
-fantastic portable digital party machine
-easy to sell its value to prospective consumers

Lots of other things but those are the ones on the top of my head.

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This is the biggest reason, I think :

Simplicity, Price, Games (Exclusives), and Marketing. Nintendo just hit it out the park with all these aspects. On a more personal note, I just appreciate the ability to play such high quality games anywhere and any way I want to. It's really been a release, being able to be in charge of how I game. And it shouldn't be understated the arsenal of 1st party games Nintendo has yet to release and the strong support of indies, and decent 3rd party support.

The Switch really is, I think, a console for everyone. While the Wii U was obviously directed at kids. My parents are even talking about it and they don't really play games. It's just a magical device, and it really shouldn't be. In essence it's just a tablet with HDMI out, but it is a fantastic device.

I cant think of pooping without my switch now