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Share/Post cancelled videogames.


I'll start



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Starcraft Ghost, still hurts, nova book was great, being a ghost on a metal gear like game sounded amazing, blizzard single player focused game sounded amazing


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Scalebound: the Thread.

Oh boy, I only went here to say Scalebound, but it was too late

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Seriously, why all the Scalebound talk. The sales would be as poor as ReCore, or worse. Who actually wanted to buy that?

OT: For me the worst is all the cancelled Command & Conquer games, typical EA ruination of a series.

Star Wars 1313

That game looked really awesome.

I would say FF Versus XIII but I'm not sure if it counts, since FFXV keeps some important stuff from Versus, like the 4 main characters and the whole concept of a road trip.

Kaneman! said:
Seriously, why all the Scalebound talk. The sales would be as poor as ReCore, or worse. Who actually wanted to buy that?

I'm pretty tired of hearing this especially when the general consensus is that this isn't true. I'm not trying to pick on you, but the fact that the general public was very outraged at Scalebound says otherwise. And if you say "Well, they just wanted a reason to hate on Microsoft for closing down a project" .. uhmmm ... really? I heard less people care about Fable being shut down than Scalebound, and many gamers were including Scalebound among their most anticipated games of the year. 

This idea that a certain select group of people should choose what looks good and bad and whether people should be happy or sad over it's cancellation is just baffling. I mean look, if you just said "I personally don't get how people are so mad at Scalebound's cancellation, didn't look good to me", that'd be one thing. Hell, I might have even said something like that had I agreed. But no, it's not enough for people to voice their opinion - they have to actively put the game down and shrug off the people who liked it. It looked awesome to ME. And big surprise, from the information we know, the most contested parts of the game were arguably of the fault of Microsoft ( a heavy multiplayer focus ). Honestly, the game probably would have sold better than Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive. It might have still not sold fantastically, but that's the fault of the platform.

And it's almost always from someone defending Microsoft .... hmmm ... funny how that works. 

Yeah, its basically scalebound: the thread.
I really didn't get all the rage against microsoft. People spun this so hard. Theories on Microsoft setting unreasonable deadlines just to fuck with them. Theories about Microsoft being impatient. Theories about the mistreatment of Japanese devs.

This was not a game Microsoft forced them to make, this is the game Kamiya always wanted to make since the start of platinum in 2006. And looking at the E3 showings, it was clearly in very rough development. The E3 2016 demo looks choppy and sluggish even though the game was in development for at least like two and a half by then.

It was 100% cancelled becuase the game just wasnt coming along well in development like both parties hoped it would, and it would be a huge money sink for microsoft if they kept going on.

Not because of Microsoft masterplan to fuck up japanese devs.

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Keybladewielder said:

Star Wars 1313

That game looked really awesome.