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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Fans: would you feel betrayed if crash would come to switch?

don't missunderstand me, i don't want to start a war, but hearing that crash could come to switch feels somehow not right to me. i know that the ip doesn't belong to sony anymore, but for me crash bandicoot belongs to playstation like mario to nintendo...but now the ip belongs to activision, so things changed...are you feeling the same?


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No, I don't really care at all myself. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't.

Activision? We are all lucky there aren't lootboxes and other such micro-transactions in the game...

But to answer your question, as long as it is still available on the PS4 or better yet, as long as in the future, Nintendo does not try to "steal" it and make it an exclusive, I guess I don't care. I'm not crazy about the Switch but I think a platformer like this game is well suited for the Switch so yeah, why not?

We need to share more games, not celebrate unjustified exclusivity. Why shouldn't Crash come to the Switch? Besides, Activision have made quite a lot of money with the PS4 version, no way they let this profitting opportunity pass.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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No, Crash has been on Nintendo consoles and handhelds before. Some of the GBA Crash games were enjoyable.

The graphic style and gameplay should be a good fit for the Switch.

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But the IP doesn't belong to Sony and there were a few crash games for GameCube/gameboy before.

Why any Sony "fan" could be betrayed?

I personally dont care.I never associated Crash to PS, simply because I didnt have a PS 1

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I wanna play this on Switch. Is Coco playable from the start?

So Inazuma Eleven and maybe Yokai Watch to the Playstation and Crash to the Switch.

Is that a fair trade?

Just joking. Crash already was on Nintendo systems (same as Spyro). I enjoyed the Wrath of Cortex on the cube.

Crash is on Gamecube. No mascot ever felt as weird on a Nintendo system than when Sonic Adventure 2 came to Gamecube. Despite the Plumber boy ad Mario as a character was never a Rival to Crash. Crash was not worthy and a few years too late. Sonic was, however, so it felt so wrong when he hit Gamecube and GBA.  Crash, however, has been on few Nintendo and Xbox systems before so all the sudden being brought back to them would feel no different than Wrath being a port.

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