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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stage 1 Round 1 - Greatest Newcomer Tournament 2016 & 2017

Welcome to the VGChartz Greatest Newcomer Tournament of 2016 & 2017!

Please read the rules, especially the voting one, because it's a little bit different to the voting system used for Greatest User.


The Rules:

1. Vote for the Top 3 users you want to see move on to the next round in order

3p - Ellis
2p - John
1p - Kyle

2. ONE vote per round.
3. You must have over 200 POSTS.
4. Users in the Tournament CAN vote in EVERY round. Even their own.
5. NO flaming or insults.
6. Thread bumping is allowed.

In this round the top two will move on to the next round. 3rd and 4th place will go to the Wild Card round. 5th is eliminated.


LimaBean01 KrspaceT

Errorist76 AngryLittleAlchemist The_ Liquid_Laser
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3 - ALA
2 - KrspaceT
1 - LimaBean01

Why not check me out on youtube and help me on the way to 2k subs over at

3p ala
2. errorist
1p/ laser

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Wow, I am kind of honored to even be nominated considering my track record on this site

Anyways :
3. The_Liquid_Laser
2. Errorist76
1. LimaBean

3p - Liquid
2p - LimaBean
1p - KrspaceT

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I wonder if this format would improve if you'd be allowed to only give points to the people you want and not be forced to give points to people you really don't care about. It probably would.

3 - ALA
2 - Laser (I have no idea who you are)
1 - Bean (you neither)

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3 - ALA
2 - KRST
1 - Errorist

3p - ALA
2p - Laser
1p - Lima

3p - AngryLittleAlchemist
2p - LimaBean01
1p - The_ Liquid_Laser

3p AngryLittleAlchemist
2p Errorist76
1p KrspaceT