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Future predictions of Dragon Ball Super Series


What's your prediction?


I Predict universe 7 is gonna win then Frieza is gonna make the wish interuppting Goku because Frieza is not knocked of the tournament .I'm guessing Toriyama want's to shock us?

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My bet is they win, but before they wish for all the universes to return the great priest and some angels go rogue

Goku gets mad. Screams that he wont let anyone destroy his universe. Wins. Wishes everyone back. Claims hes hungry and then gets food.

Thats literally going to be the ending of super. I'd bank on it

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I would love if somehow Frieza pulls out the win. Everyone watching the tournament vs God Frieza.

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I just vegeta and goku will do the fusion ha and beat the crap out of everyone and win the tournament.

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Its hard to say when this tournament hasnt been the most predictable of events.

Having said that, one thing that Im sure is that this is not the end of Super.If they "stop" making more episodes, its just to give the team a break, for whatever reason, for 6 months later to continue with the anime.

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Allow me to make the most outlandish prediction: Tien will do something IMPORTANT.

Jiren actually goes Super Saiyan himself and wishes for Zeno's dumbass to be killed, thus making him god. He'll then revive everyone and just go back to meditating like the loner he is

the end.

I predict that all that happened in the tournament was all of Buu's dream and him ending up punching Goku in the face before he goes to the Zen-oh's to remind them/him of the tournament.


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Jiren eliminates 17.
Goku and Vegeta reach Ultra Instinct and fuse.

- Ultra Instinct Gogeta vs. Full Power Jiren
- They beat the living shit out of each other to the point where Jiren is severely weakened.
- Despite this, Gogeta defuses and Goku and Vegeta, physically drained, revert back to their normal forms.
- Jiren, despite being exhausted and greatly weakened himself, eliminates both Goku and Vegeta with ease.
- It looks like he wins, but then Frieza pops back up out of nowhere with Ultra Instinct of his own!
- Frieza was also caught in the blast from Toppy alongside 17. 17 came back, but Frieza is nowhere to be found. Flashback to when Goku first achieved Ultra Instinct, Frieza in particular was very interested in it. He even willingly gave some of his energy to Goku so he could reach it again.
- The entire time, Frieza was recovering from his injuries, and taking the damage he took from Toppo's destruction blast to reach the form himself.
- With Jiren clearly exhausted, Frieza makes short work of him, eliminates him, and wins the Tournament of Power for Universe 7.

- Afterwards, Vegeta keeping his promise to Cabba and bringing back Universe 6; Meanwhile, Goku, unwillingly, keeps his promise to Frieza and revives him with the Earth's Dragon Balls, well aware of how much more powerful Frieza has become now that he has reached Ultra Instinct himself.
- The series ends (for now) with the cliffhanger of what is Frieza's intentions now that he has been revived and is more powerful than ever and where does the Earth go from here.