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Forums - General Discussion - Would you kiss your son in the mouth?


Would kiss son?

Yes 24 40.68%
No 32 54.24%
See Results 3 5.08%

Tom Brady did it to his son before the superbowl. Would you? It's on youtube too.

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Sure, I don't see what's wrong with it.

Not me. I do the whole muss a kid's hair thing.

So like kiss his tongue? Your title currently says in mouth.

On the mouth, yeah if they are young. I think other countries do it all the time though.

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I know the intention is not sexual, but there something in kissing in the mouth betwenn relatives that is just plain wrong

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I would. On the mouth anyway.

Though I must admit I don't know how old Tom Brady's son is. For all I know he's a 23 year old man now. Then I wouldn't anymore.

Are you upset that a man kissed his son on the mouth?

Hell no!

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