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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Extreme Sports Games. Comeback Or No?


Extreme Sports Games. Yay or Nay?

Yes 3 75.00%
No 1 25.00%
Maybe 0 0%
Heck yes!!!!! 0 0%

Do you miss SSX, Jet Moto, Wave Race, Tony hawk pro skater, Excitebike, Top Skater, Cool Boarders and more? 


Should the genre make a comeback to a new generation of gamers or stay a thing of the past? 


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I loved the skate games. This genre totally needs to come back. Activision has tried with Pro Skater 5 but we all know how terrible that game was.

I think console war is Extreme Sports in internet .

So far, there is project session in development. There's a free demo available on their website, if anyone's interested

I still want SSX Quadrilogy HD on PS3

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Shogi counts as Extreme Sports? because i really want a shogi game based on Sangatsu no Lion.


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I never considered Waverace or Jet Moto to be part of the "X-Treme" genre. More just racing. Just me? Anyways, I think I've had my fill with these games, and doubt we'll ever see the glut of releases we did in their heyday.

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An SSX Tricky remake would make me a very happy man