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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If Microsoft ever became third party(obviously wont)

Which games would excite you if there games came to your platform? Microsoft owns alot of ips they can have other devs program there games.

For me I'd be excited for these games on nintendo switch 

-new conker

-new killer instinct

-new forza horizon japan

-new gears of war

-sea of thieves

-new state of decay

-new ori

-new crackdown

-new age of empires

-new blue dragon

-new lost odyssey

-new perfect dark

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I'd be excited for pretty much all of those. that you listed, on PS or Switch.

only blue dragon and another lost odyssey would be a must for me

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None of them. There's nothing that really stands out.

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PwerlvlAmy said:
only blue dragon and another lost odyssey would be a must for me

...and another Infinite Undiscovery, though that one is hardly a masterpiece

From the list, PD is kind of interesting - and AoE only belongs on PC, where it already is.

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DOubt it, all you would get is halo, forza and gears on other consoles.

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The Rare games are in name only as the people who made that company great left years and years ago. Any chance that Banjo, Conker or any other N64 IP would come back from the grave, unfettered and great is almost nil. I'd rather those stay buried where they belong.

The only two franchises that would be interesting to watch imo would be Halo and Forza. Halo because Sony fans don't have anything worth a damn in the FPS department except COD and Battlefield and both of those are generic. Halo represents an entirely higher class of online MP and it would be interesting to see how its fan base would react to it.

The other would be Forza because Sony is so entrenched in EU and EU loves racing. Plus, the GT vs. Forza battle would go thermonuclear and that would very good for fans of both games because you'd have both teams striving to outdo each other at a whole new level.

I would have to look at the list of IPs they own to give a specific answer but anything that's not gears, halo or forza.

I wouldn't mind getting the Ori games, Recore and Cuphead on the PS4.
Off the top of my head that's pretty much the only games I really care to get from the Xbox.

Do Ori and Cuphead count? Other than these, Microsoft doesn't seem to have any games that interest me.