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Forums - Gaming Discussion - new "crash bandicoot" for 2019?

Sounds like we are getting a new Crash Bandicoot game @gamerssdelight
what do you think?

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Bring it on. Would love some Spyro as well!

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Switch... mmm amazing!

Crash Bandicoot has sold amazingly well in the UK atleast on PS4, it's been one of the best selling PS4 games each week since release, now that's died down abit I am sure we will hear more about Switch/X1 and PC versions eventually as I am assuming Sony had a 12 month exclusivity deal.

I guess the time was right like it was when we got several new 2D Mario games
The nostalgia was strong and the market was there. I just hope they learned from the mistakes that made Crash become irrelevant in the first place.

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I hope this new game borrows from n sane trilogy storywise and gameplay and not the later games on xbox ,ps2 and wii?

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Im more excited for a possible remake of Crash Team Racing.

get the game team behind the recent release to make an all new game. I'm super down

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This doesn't read like a new game to me. It reads like an nsane port.

Anything is good though.


Edit: I see the picture is actually cut off. More games coming, but I think we could have all assumed as much. 

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Just give me CTR remake.i will buy it for 100$.its gonna look so good.i still play that game everyday.its so simple yet so fun.its the best racing game out there.after the success of nsane triology i am sure that acti going to revive the franchise.lets hope they develop some really good crash games like naughty dog.