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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumored Nintendo E3 Lineup.


There was an apparent leak of Nintendo's Rumored Lineup of E3 2018,, that reads as follows:

- Metroid Prime 4
- Pokemon Gen 8
- Bayonetta 3
- Pikmin 4
- Skyward Sword HD
- Super Mario Maker 2 - Not a remake; A full blown sequel.
- Smash Bros. 4 Deluxe - The "Ultimate Version" of the 3DS and Wii U versions which includes all the DLC + new content.
- Luigi's Mansion 3 - To celebrate Luigi's 35th Anniversary.
- Wario Ware - Surprise! - New Wario Ware game for Nintendo Switch
- Animal Crossing 
- Fire Emblem
- Yoshi
- Mario Party 11
- New IP - A Horror Game being developed by Retro Studios

If I were a betting man, I'd bet on this being fake, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun talking about it and speculating. Plus, this seems like the good window for us to give our wish lists and what we hope for E3. 
Though, deep down, I am hoping to God this is true for 2 reasons: Luigi's Mansion 3 and Skyward Sword HD!

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Sounds too idealistic to be true. Besides it seems way to early for their E3 plans to leak.

Edit: Read the article, confirmed fake.

Already confirmed fake... That being said, taken as a set of predictions, I'd say they're mostly pretty likely.

Yeah! It sound too perfect, like Ninty has listen to us all and made it happen all at once!


While i do believe most of these do infact exist i really doubt all of them are going to show up at E3.

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I think it was confirmed fake as the user who posted this latest rumor apparently was an imposter of the user who leaked the Nintendo Switch presentation lineup.

It's too conservative to me. Nintendo always have some surprises every year.. Although I would love a New Horror IP à la Eternal Darkness from Retro.

And honestly, I know it's already fake but guys I'm pretty sure Nintendo's planning for E3 hasn't been done yet.

Most believable list I've seen.
No Mother 3, nothing silly like FF15 or RDR2.

That said - what the hell could they do with another Super Mario Maker?
Would it be for 3d games?
Would just feels like they stopped patching the game and adding content just to box it up and sell it as a sequel.

Just release another 2D Mario.

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I doubt they would be making decisions for e3 this early. That would be just asking for leaks

Matsku said:
I doubt they would be making decisions for e3 this early. That would be just asking for leaks

Yeah I think they would not be too far ahead of themselves. They probably are planning a direct within the Spring time before thinking about presenting whatever they need to present for E3. I mean, the Pokémon RPG for Switch was likely due to the backlash of the Ultra Sun/Moon release for 3DS from the Pokémon Direct so things can change when necessary.