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Forums - PC Discussion - Microsoft ditches Windows 10 S in favour of a new S Mode

Today the website has released two reports about the roadmap Microsoft has for Windows 10. The implications for new systems are very big and of course for PC gaming too, as the company apparently wants to make the Windows 10 S mode (which limits users to Microsoft Store apps only, blocking Win32 apps) default.


Going forward, Windows 10 S will no longer be a SKU offered by Microsoft. Instead, what they will be doing is offering S mode for all iterations of Windows 10 and frankly, this is a much better approach to the configurations.

For Home and Education SKUs, you will be able to upgrade from Home S, to Home for free but Pro users going from Pro S to Pro will be charged $49. On the commercial side, Pro S is only available with Core, Value, Entry, and Small Tablet with Core+ and Workstations being left out of the offering.

How do you see this news? Have you used windows store? is it the end of the windows on PC?

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As long as those that want to open up their system have the option, then I think this is a great move. I think any pre-built system that your average consumer buys from the store should come this way. There are very few people I know that will never need to go outside of the Windows Store for software on their PC. For Microsoft getting as many users as possible running UWA's is extreamly vital to their long term future in the consumer OS business.

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KBG29 said:
There are very few people I know that will never need to go outside of the Windows Store for software on their PC.

Only every PC gamer who wants to run Steam games or GOG games or Blizzard games or Origin games or Uplay games or retail games...

I never use Window Store. It's trash. All my programs are from elsewhere.

Sounds horrible, urgh

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So, they are essentially dumbing the system down for casuals who use their stuff out of the box?

It's official, we've become Apple!

This is so depressing...

Epic was right all along... 

Noooo, that would make for such a restrictive OS.

The windows store is horrible, it doesn't even have apps to begin with and going through it is a pain. it's such an unintuitive mess filled with loading screens everywhere...

What about steam? or discord? or a proper working app?

Geez!!! We won't even be able to use google chrome!!! Edge isn't bad but it has a real problem with playing videos without stuttering.

No wonder the OS was free, they can hence have a huge monopoly on the PC OS market, people won't have anywhere else to turn and we'll be stuck with the mess that is Windows 10 S.

If this happens, MS can expect a revolt from gamers and many normal users. There's a reason Windows has continued to succeed, it is the most open OS. Same goes for Android. If they want to make it even more restrictive, thinking it will greatly increase Windows Store sales, it will backfire. God, it's like they learned nothing from the XBO debacle, lol.

If this comes true, I see no better time than for Google to drop Chrome OS, and instead make a version of Android for PCs.

Does that mean you won't be able to use Steam?

I'm glad I stuck with Windows 7 btw.

Just a rumour, do not see it happening.