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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch software randomly booting off with "error occurred"

I've had this happen maybe 4 times with Skyrim, but only Skyrim at that point. I kept getting a message saying "Software was closed as an error occurred" or something.  It hadn't happened in a while, but it did  tonight while playing Fire Emblem Warriors. Now I'm concerned. I thought it was only one piece of software, but I feel like it's the system now. 

Is there anything I could try to avoid this? Has anybody else had these issues?

I just don't want to lose hundreds of save data... I really cannot understand why they haven't had the option to move your data to another switch or attach it to your NNID.


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I had it happen once in FE: Warriors out of more than 150 hours gameplay, I think it's just an issue with the games themselves that'll need a patch.

It's the software that is at fault. Fire Emblem Warriors is known to have occasional errors, so you don't have to worry about your console. FEW also autosaves after every battle, so you cannot lose much of your progress.

Skyrim is a Bethesda game, so it's a given that the software is the culprit.

EDIT: The one thing that you can do is enable the system menu/internet option to automatically submit errors to Nintendo and developers. While that isn't an immediate fix or anything, it provides a chance that errors can be minimized or eliminated with upcoming patches. Of course that's pointless for games that the developers have no interest in working on anymore, but for something like FEW which has ongoing post-launch support in various ways, it is a realistic chance to help improve matters for yourself and other players.

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FarleyMcFirefly said:

 I really cannot understand why they haven't had the option to move your data to another switch or attach it to your NNID.

You can move your data to another Switch. User/save data transfer. 

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It happened to me a couple of times. I wouldn't worry about it. My Switch is a launch system and it has happened like 5 or so times. Still works perfectly though!

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I had this happen to me about 4 times while playing Mario+Rabbids. I just took the cart out and put it back in and it never happened again. Might just have been a connection issue. Although Skyrim has problems on every system its released on though.

Never once happened to me on Skyrim, and I've played about 50 hours of it. However both Lego City and Lego World's have done this on a few occasions. I do like how it just kicks you back to the home screen though. When games crashed on Wii U you had to do a hard system reset.

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I had it happen like 4 times during my playthrough of Shu

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it happen to me only one time with more than 40 hours on Skyrim, 


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