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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Not much love for android gaming on this forum

I've actually spent quite a lot of time playing android games, on phones, tablets, set top boxes and chromebooks. Some of them are great little games, often free or extremely cheap and the level of graphics seems to be improving month by month.

A couple at the moment 'Forever Pilot' and also trying 'Alite'. 

Just wondering if many others are also enjoying android gaming and have some favourites to discuss. I find the huge selection available difficult to navigate and find what I want. Often its not that a version of a game isn't available on the playstore simply I can't find it initially.

Anyone got any game recommendations for games that don't have a high level profile.

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Mhm. I play Android games as a source of time sinking whenever I need to wait for something. The combined time is probably pretty high, but I just go for whatever looks addicting and move on fast.

Last time I looked for games for my phone I couldn't find anything good. Also, playing without controllers doesn't seem very convenient.

Playing Hearthstone and south park phone destroyer.

I haven't found (m)any appealing mobile games yet. Pokémon Go is OK when you're on the go anyway (although it's really poor as a game, but it has its charm), but other than that, I don't generally like mobile games. Free-to-play games should be obvious, some more interesting ones are too similar to PC/console games (and I prefer playing them on PC/consoles), some don't work too well on a small screen with touch controls, and usually the ones that work well on phones are puzzle games or something else that doesn't interest me.

I'd like to see a game that's actually good on a phone, but I haven't run into one just yet. One obvious problem is that finding good Android games is really hard because of the way Google Play works and how full it's of uninteresting (mostly free-to-play) games.

Another problem is that some of the genres that touch controls are a bit difficult to make work for games. Often, the genres they work well for don't work well on small screens. Strategy games are one example. Touch controls are probably great for them, but playing them on a small screen is a pain. They're probably OK on tablet, but I don't have one and I'm not getting one just to play maybe a few games (and I don't have any other use for a tablet).

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Not really a fan of mobile gaming. I've tried both Clash's, but they are nothing compared to console games. The only exception are the GTA games, and I only play these when I am traveling (they can absolutely kill the phone's battery life).

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I mostly play Point&Click adventures (LucasArts classics, Broken Sword series, Blackwell series, Gemini Rue, Broken Age, Syberia 1 + 2, The Journey Down, Bertram Fiddle, Infamous Machine, Runaway, Yesterday, Milkmaid of the Milkyway,  Deponia, Secret Files, ...) and similar puzzle games (Monument Valley 1 + 2, The Room series, Ace Attorney series, Telltale Games episodes, Layton's Mystery Journey, Framed 1 + 2, Her Story, République, Ghost Trick...) on my iPad and Android tablet.

These kind of games work best on a touchscreen.

Kotor is about it i'm afraid.

The only smartphone game that I am hooked up lately is Fire Emblem Heroes,the thing is that I hate playing certain type of games on the touchscreen, especially platformers. For me the kind of games I like on Smartphone is this: strategy games or simulators or depending on the controls racing, but even those I rather play on consoles or portables if they are available there.

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I managed to finish the main story of Super Mario Run (with all pink coins) in a few hours some time ago.

Other than that, all I play is Fire Emblem Heroes. I like how, thanks to the powercreep, Micaiah is my best cavalry and armor counter.
(I also make fun of anyone who plays F/GO and its 1% 5* rate)