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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Idea: Steam Curation Tool - Community Blacklists


Subscribeable Storefront Blacklists for Steam?

Good Idea 1 33.33%
Bad Idea 2 66.67%

The idea would be similar to say Ublock Origins or AdBlock Plus, where you subscribe to 1 or more community curated blacklists to clean up Steam's storefront making genre browsing much more viable again.

Also, Whitelists would be cool too, as it would allow for advanced search of compiled lists in a more organic way (storewide).

What do you guys think of this idea?

Also, is there a browser plug-in, that I don't know about, that already does this?

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Eh. Sounds like a great way to hide even games you like. Adblocking blacklists are easy because it's fairly easy to objectively determine what an ad is. Blacklisting games is not easy though since blaclisting criteria would be mostly subjective, I would think. There are definitely cases where blacklisting can easily be done using some objective criteria as well, but I don't think they could ever appeal to a very large audience.

More importantly, no store is going to offer functionality that effectively hurts some of the products on offer there.

Or Valve hires just 1 intern to clean up the shit. Oh no, wait, that would cost them more than $0. Too bad.

Valve doesn't want to clean or block all the trash on their store front. Because that trash makes them money.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Things wouldn't be so bad if Valve just did some damn quality-checking.