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Forums - General Discussion - I got pulled over by a Police officer for going too slow

First off I would like to point out that I have had five Kirkland ( costco brand) cand of beer and one Miller High life, so my story may not interest you that much. If by some act of God it does still interest you, then you have my deepest thanks.

So I was driving South on the County line road last night. Minding my own business, talking with my fiance about nothing that I can remember when a large truck sped up behind me with his bright on. From what I can gather, he was upset that I was going one or two miles under the speed limit so he decided to tailgate me with his brights on.

So as my eyes began to fry in the back of my head I decided right then and there that I was not going to put up with this outrage and I began to slow down. 40 MPH to 30, to 20, to 10mph all the while this A-hole( pardon my foul language, but he annoyed me ever so) continued to tail gate me. He could have went around my vehicle at any time, but refused to do so.

[Excuse me, I am going to get another Beer so I can continue this story that has bothered me for a while now]

I got two beers actually, tomorrow morning my Step Daughter has a court hearing for some sort of traffic violation so I will be sleeping on the couch tonight so I can wake up in time for it. On vacation so I can do whatever I want.

Anyways, I slowed down to a crawl, I mean really slow, probably pissed this M'Fer off to no end, I was getting a little annoyed as well that he would not just pass me up. As I got closer and closer to the next traffic light I became more and more anxious as well. My Fiance thought I was having a seizure because I would not answer her when She asked what I was doing and if I was crazy we were going to get shot. Luckily when we came to the stop light the Lunatic truck driver turned into the turn lane to go left and I stayed straight. He was about four cars back and still had his brights on. Maybe to annoy me or maybe because he was a complete Moron, I do not know the answer and I believe deep down in my soul that the only person who could ever understand this is God almighty, the one up in Heaven that people on Earth have forgotten about.

So I sat there waiting for something to happen. Did not want to lock my car door because I did not want my fiance to think I was a pussy in case this redneck came and opened my door and beat me to a pulp. But I was also nervous as all Hell waiting for him to come up. Happily the light turned green and we were free to go our separate ways!

That is when I discovered why he did not run up and murder me when he had the chance. You see there was a police officer of the law parked right behind me. Lights flashed, Fiance ehhs "Oh My God'd" and I struggled to decide if I should pull into a gas station or to the side of the road. I pulled to the side of the road and with in a few second the officer was at my door asking me questions.

"Can I ask why you were going so slow sir?". Why yes you may ask that question, you are a officer of the law. If you wanted to you could repo my car, or turn you camera off and beat me to death or whatever you want to do , you are a police officer. I did not say this, and actually only thought about it just now, but it is all potentially possible I think.

I told him the story of the truck driver, gave him various pieces of paper that I had gathered over the years to collect in my vehicles glove compartment, and after he was satisfied with all my lies and paperwork he sent me on my way. Yes lies. I told him the guy was honking at me as well as getting on my tail and flashing his lights at me. When in actuality he only had his brights on and was tailgating me. The Cop wished me a good night and sent me on my way.


The question I have for you Vgcharterz is would you have done something different had you been in my situation? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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I would have winked at him. Every time I answered a question, I'd wink. Aside from that, you did fine.

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In the past I also wanted to stay my ground. But man, who cares, just pull over, wait for the other guy to pass and be happy for the rest of the day, its not worth it.

You sure he wasn't stopping you because you were driving under high skin pigmentation?

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But he didn't shoot you? American cops are improving! :O

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Well... I wasn't in such a situation as yourself. But once in a while I get some crazy people behind me because I only drive 5km/h higher than allowed and this is still too slow for them. They honk or put their lights on. I just gesture with my hand : go away. And don't bother anymore. If they want to drive faster.. change the lane. I can drive where ever I want in a city. Also... driving to slow all the time is not permitted in Germany. Except for special cases like giant transportations.

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I think you handled it fairly well. I suggest driving at least the speed limit or a bit over. People who have warrants or have been drinking tend to drive under the speed limit, thinking they won't stand out to a cop...

Had something similar years back, no police though.

I was driving home from work in my Corvette going 65 in a 60, driving in the slow lane. Someone in a big truck comes right up behind me, high beams on, and riding my bumber. So I started to slow down, and they just kept riding me. I rolled down my window and waved them around.  The BS persists. I get over in the fast lane, they follow and keep riding me.

So I have to get off at the next exit, and I get back in the slow lane. This jerk also has to go that way. This off ramp loops under the high way and hops back on a State Route. Of course they rides me all the way through the exit. We get on the SR, and now I am tired of it. We go down about a mile, and I decide, I have had enough. I wipped over to the fast lane without blinking and slammed on my breaks. 

This is were it gets good. I shoot behind my new friend, and whip back over behind. At this point they are a good 5 or 6 car lengths ahead of me. I turned on my high beams, and beneath this jacked up truck I see four legs. Not sure what it is (my guess a deer), so I slam on my breaks again, and the truck slams in to whatever it was. They didn't even slow down, so I figure they were watching me in the rear view. A part of whatever he hit goes flying by my driver side window, and they pull to the side of the SR. I hopped in the fast lane, and just kept going. Figured they got what they deserved for being a jack ass for the last 10 minutes.


That made up for the time this jerk in a little Civic kept running up to my bumber, and backing off, and running up, and backing off. Came to a light, and we are 7 and 8 cars from the front. This dude jumps up on the sidewalk, and cuts past everyone to take a right. I look at the first car at the red light and it is a state trooper, and think hell yeah, this jerks gonna get rung up. Nope he pulls out right in front of the trooper on the side walk, and apparently went unnoticed. Spent the rest of the drive, and some time after going, "No F'ing way, how the F did this SOB just get off with that", amoung other colorful spouts of disbelief/anger.


Those are my to best tailgater stories. Thanks for sharing. As shitty as it can be at the time, it can make for some interesting memories.

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stop driving slow

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Ka-pi96 said:
But he didn't shoot you? American cops are improving! :O

Well, first we have to know Spurge's skin color.