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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hypothetical: Nintendo 10 Year Plan 2017-2027

About crazy designs, I though about one that would be the complete portable version of switch.
Switch, by definition, have to change the way you play, so a portable only version would not have this feature in the name definition.

So, I thought in a device that merges switch, 3DS and mobile, where you can switch between the modes. So, you have the switch between modes to keep the definition of the name of the console.

Is a sliding screen (like your switch go), but there is a screen in the part below, and it would have a 3DS cartridge slot and play 3DS games in this mode.

Then you could detach the controllers (mini joycons) and put in the top screen and slide the below screen, and then you can play switch games.

If you close it with controllers in the below screen, you play the mobile mode, where all nintendo mobile games are there playable.

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...So, Nintendo Switch Lite is in FACT launching late 2019 for $199; and they called it a new addition to the Family.

Maybe a Nintendo Switch with a larger screen in 2020 could happen afterall.


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