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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sea of Thieves and God of Wars rejoice Red Dead Redemption 2 moved!!!

I'm sure these games will sell many more copies now that they don't have to go up against Red Dead.

Also, Far Cry 5 will enjoy more breathing room. 

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

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I think those titles would have been fine anyway, but Detroit become human and State of Decay 2 should be more happy with that move. This is probably great for playstation. Most titles will probably release before that and sony has marketing rights for Cod and RDR2 in holidays. For Microsoft its 50/50, depends if they delay crackdown 3 to holiday or if they release Halo this year( I expect next Halo in 2019). I expect Crackdown 3 to have last try on e3 to get some hype and Halo beta attached to it at launch.

Also good news for Detroit, Spiderman, Crackdown 3, and State of Decay 2, which are also currently scheduled for Spring (Q2) release, though Crackdown and Spiderman are probably being delayed to Q3 anyway.