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Forums - Sony Discussion - PlayStation Plus: Free Games in February (Grand Kingdom, Rime and more)

Free Games for PS+ Members in february = ) Grand Kingdom (PS Vita & PS4) and more!

Knack (PS4)
RiME (PS4)
StarBlood Arena (PS Plus-Bonustitel – PS VR)
Spelunker HD (PS3)
Mugen Souls Z (PS3)
Exiles End (PS Vita)

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Rime in the title but no Knack? Blasphemy!

Well, looks like my copies of Grand Kingdom and Knack will be sealed for good now, which I think will help make things classier when the dump-truck empties my collection into the coffin at my funeral. Not a bad list at all. Grand Kingdom is one that I've been interested in for a while. Love those SJRPG's.

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I was wanting to try Grand Kingdom. Good thing I didn't buy it!

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Will be getting grand kingdom

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Looking forward to checking out Rime.

Damn rime already free did that game sell on ps4?

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Knack makes it all worth it !

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Why isn't Knack in the title? People should know that Sony are giving away the GOTG free!

Op probably thought he put knack on title ? People forget how epic that game was?

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