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Free Games for PS+ Members in february = ) Grand Kingdom (PS Vita & PS4) and more!

Knack (PS4)
RiME (PS4)
StarBlood Arena (PS Plus-Bonustitel – PS VR)
Spelunker HD (PS3)
Mugen Souls Z (PS3)
Exiles End (PS Vita)

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Rime in the title but no Knack? Blasphemy!

Well, looks like my copies of Grand Kingdom and Knack will be sealed for good now, which I think will help make things classier when the dump-truck empties my collection into the coffin at my funeral. Not a bad list at all. Grand Kingdom is one that I've been interested in for a while. Love those SJRPG's.

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I was wanting to try Grand Kingdom. Good thing I didn't buy it!

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Will be getting grand kingdom

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Awe, one VR title per two months. I got excited for a hot minute, now it's just disappointment ... shear utter, mind numbingly depressing disappointment. I can not express how disappointed I am, My gut feels like I ate a week old bowl of cat food. My life is now just crushing numbness and there is no hope...until March...maybe.

Looking forward to checking out Rime.

Damn rime already free did that game sell on ps4?

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Knack makes it all worth it !

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Why isn't Knack in the title? People should know that Sony are giving away the GOTG free!

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