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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo and Illumination officially announce a Mario movie, co-produced by Miyamoto

Nintendo has confirmed rumors that the company is teaming up with Illumination Entertainment for a Mario movie. Shigeru Miyamoto will be on board as a co-producer, as will Chris Meledandri.

Illumination is best known for its work on the Despicable Me / Minions franchise. Meledandri has also been an executive producer on Ice Age.


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That company does not have the best track record but they do know how to make success movies for cheap. Also Universal also owns them right? I guess Disney thinks Mario as a competitor.

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I have never liked a single one of their movies, so I'm very iffy on this. But, it could be a good movie.

It’s an exciting development, but I just think Illumination is a poor choice for a partner.

To my knowledge, Miyamoto didn't have any input or creative control over the Super Mario Brothers movie. So, if he is co-producing this film, than at least, despite not being a video game, it should still feel true to Mario and not stray too far away into "Hollywood" territory. (....Tries to forget Dragon Ball Evolution and The Last Airbender.)

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Oh boy. It's really happening. I guess we'd better start hoping that Illumination can finally make a second good movie.

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They're really going out of their way to avoid Disney, aren't they?

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palou said:
They're really going out of their way to avoid Disney, aren't they?

They're already working with Universal for the theme park so it's only natural to partner up for movies as well.

I really hope Mario doesn't talk too much...

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