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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The 20 day rumor of a Nintendo Direct coming after a Direct mini is false; I think we deserve a big direct soon.

This rumor is now false as it has been 20 days since a Nintendo Direct mini/micro.  (1/11/18-1/31/18) There would've been an announcement this Monday if there were to be a Nintendo Direct today.

(My thoughts): Hopefully we get a good direct SOON as we still have no information on 2018 confirmed games like Fire Emblem & Yoshi, or big third party games because with all the business praise Nintendo is getting there still seems to not be many big 3rd parties hopping on the Switch, or online features like browsers, YouTube, voicechat, or My Nintendo coins being compatible with Nintendo Switch... because right now I believe the Switch is still lacking in some departments nearly 1 year after launch. 

"In a thread by reddit user Natzore, it was noted that the time between each Direct Mini and the subsequent “standard” Direct has never been more than 20 days. In instances where there were consecutive Direct Minis, the date was taken from the last one.

A table Natzore added to their post showing the time between the Minis and full Directs is below:

Direct MiniFollowing DirectDistance in days
July 18, 2012    July 30, 2012   12
September 7, 2012   September 13, 2012   6
October 3, 2012   October 4, 2012   1
November 27, 2012   December 5, 2012   8
December 19, 2012   January 8, 2013   20
April 1, 2013   April 3, 2013   2
July 18, 2013   August 7, 2013   20
October 29, 2013   November 12, 2013   14
November 14, 2013   November 27, 2013   13
June 1, 2015   June 14, 2015   13
November 2, 2016   November 5, 2016   3


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Probably this coming month then. Nintendo probably figured it is a waste of time and resources, especially since they have their end of January investors briefing.

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I heard February for the next big direct. 

It wasnt a rumor, it was a trend.

The rumor is just February, no specific date.

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It's not really about what "we" deserve, rather it's about what Nintendo needs to do in order to keep momentum high. While Switch momentum has been riding high into 2018, the beauty of 2017 was that Nintendo had laid out the release schedule for major games throughout the entire year in January. 2018 should be the same, having the same certainty when major games drop throughout the year. It's much easier for people to commit to a console purchase when the next big game isn't far off.

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Last i heard, the rumor was mid February and would feature Fire Emblem, Yoshi & Dragon Quest XI.

When the herd loses its way, the shepard must kill the bull that leads them astray.

I don't understand. Why would you want to know what releases come to a console? Like, what? Why don't you just want them announce a week in advance? Would you rather have a game announced four years before it's release and get delayed, or a month before it's release? I, for one, would choose the latter.

Why not just wait for E3?

''The next direct will be -insert month here-'' eventually people will be right

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I heard a rumor there'll be another Direct sometime in 2018. Don't have a day, but it's sometime during that timeframe, according to my Luigi Board.