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Forums - General Discussion - Made You Laugh? :D

Hey, here's a thread where, if you had something to share that made you laugh, be it videos, images or otherwise, put it here. :)

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I made a thread like this a few months ago, but it failed hard. :/

I'll try to post some stuff this evening.

This is a brand new one, from just last week:


That youtube link is not viewable in Canada at the very least, possibly U.S. only.


Here's a link that works in Canada.

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This is by far the best one of all the spaghet memes:

Life is a video game:

History course.

Best Got Talent act ever:

New Tommy Wiseau movie:

One of the many hilarious Dunkey videos:

Can't see anything on a smartphone, arf. Links please, arf.

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Peh said:
Can't see anything on a smartphone, arf. Links please, arf.

Somebody touched the tank engine

Funny screaming baby goat

Skinner pranks Chalmers

Wallace is The Senate

Karen has a fat screensaver

A sea monster ate my ice cream

Star Fux 69

Robotnik Has a New Computer

Gonna watch some of these later.