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Forums - Gaming Discussion - YES, Shadow of the Colossus currently stands at 93 on metacritic from 68 reviews!

PS2 had a 91. PS3 version got a 92. Basically, this is the best version YET and I couldn't be more thrilled at these results. I swear, if it landed anywhere below 90 it would have been a travesty.

Shadow of the Colossus is truly a classic and is now ageless. I hope many many more to come will recognize that "title."

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Good stuff.

On PS11 it'll get the 100 that it deserves.

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manuel said:

Good stuff.

On PS11 it'll get the 100 that it deserves.

Haha, and I can't WAIT until that day. Wait a minute...I'll be playing in my grave! O_O

I mean,it is just one of the best games ever made,what terrible human being would give a score that isn't close to perfect?

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Time to hit metacritics and give my 1/10


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Already a thread on this topic.

Can't wait to play this! Very much needed after the travesty that was The Last Guardian.

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