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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch has sold-in (shipped) 14.86 million, 3DS 72 million, Nintendo's FY 2017 Nine Months Earnings

Not even full year. Do I need to say more? Software numbers have been posted as well. Xenoblade 2 over 1 million (this makes me very very happy).

RIP WiiU, you died so that Switch could live.

Edit: Full numbers courtesy Miyamotoo

Net Sales: ¥857,012 million (~$7.89 billion), 175.5% increase YoY

Operating Income: ¥156,462 million (~$1.44 billion) 494.6% increase YoY

Profit: ¥135,165 million (~$1.24 billion) 31.3% increase YoY (Nintendo like profit :D)




Nintendo Switch

Hardware: 7.24 million for the quarter/ 12.13 million FYTD / 14.86 million LTD

Software: 25.08 million for the quarter/ 47.1 million FYTD/ 52.57 million LTD (Only counts Digital software that has a retail version)



Hardware: 3 million for the quarter/ 5.86 FYTD/ 71.99 million LTD

Software: 17.43 million for the quarter/ 31.25 FYTD/ 360.5 million LTD


Switch Hardware shipments WW LTD:

Japan - 3.72 million

The Americas - 5.94 million

Other - 5.2 million


Switch Hardware shipments WW LTD by %:

Japan - 25%

The Americas - 40%

Other - 35%



Top selling title sales units as of December 31st, 2017


-Super Mario Odyssey - 9.07 million units (9m za manje od 2 meseca)

-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 7.33 million units (Up 2.91M units)

-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 6.7 million units (Up 2M units)

-Splatoon 2 - 4.91 million units (Up 1.3M units)

-1-2-Switch - 1.88 million units (Up 0.51M units)

-ARMS - 1.61 million units (Up 0.26M units)

-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - 1.06 million units



-Mario Kart 7 - 16.76 million units (Up 0.81M units)

-Pokémon X/Y - 16.26 million units (Up 0.06M units)

-Pokémon Sun/Moon - 16.05 million units (Up 0.14M units)

-Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - 13.94 million units (Up 0.09M units)

-New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 12.43 million units (Up 0.7M units)

-Super Mario 3D Land - 11.77 million units (Up 0.37M units)

-Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 11.59 million units (Up 0.36M units)

-Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS - 9.16 million units (Up 0.25M units)

-Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon 7.17 million units

-Tomodachi Life - 6.14 million units (Up 0.21M units)

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Super Mario Odyssey over 9M? wow...

Those are impressive December numbers. Around 4.5 million in 3 weeks 👌

What's the sell through ?

VGChartz continues to undertrack Switch

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Xenoblade 2 is at 1 million shipped! + digital

I'm willing to bet that it almost sold through that by the time they collected those numbers(it was already at 437k by launch week without digital).

God, i'm so happy for the Switch. Well deserved.

I predicted 15m because of that one tech article that said 15m. I was wrong.

These numbers are insane

Between these Nintendo software sales and Monster Hunter World's sales I think I am just going to give up making predictions. lol

Damn. Poor Wii U :(

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