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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Should the 'Microsoft Buying E.A' rumors become true, what is the effect on Nintendo

I'm sort of curious if it would be almost a boon. 


My thoughts: Because E.A so rarely puts their games on Nintendo systems, they aren't really in a conversation as to what makes the platform attractive. E.A's lack of Nintendo is also a common criticism of the platform, as it is a fairly solid hole in their lineup. 


However, should E.A games become locked on a single platform, Nintendo not having E.A games is basically the same effect as saying Nintendo sucks 'because it doesn't get Sock Boy and Sea of Thieves'. So you won't really hear it anymore. 


Of course I am aware of the argument that Microsoft would have E.A be like Minecraft and appear on multiple platforms, but given how much of a 'buy a console' the sports titles are Microsoft may have more reason to hold them to their own self instead of giving them to Playstation. 

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It could potentially be massive if Xbox was the only console to get certain sporting releases. Look how much FIFA sells on PlayStation.

Not sure effect on Nintendo though, they haven’t had much of their content anyway.

It would make no difference for Nintendo.

I really doubt that if Microsoft really buys EA they would restrict their games only on Xbox. I imagine more like a Mojang kind of stuff. But even so,they used to be a good partner for Nintendo but nowadays they barely launch anything on Nintendo consoles,it wouldn:t make much difference.

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It would be beneficial for Nintendo because they wouldn't get so much criticism for lacking EA games on their consoles anymore? That's some strange logic right there...

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p0isonparadise said:

It would make no difference for Nintendo.

Basically, this. Sony on the other hand... That would certainly be entertaining to watch.


Then again, doesn't Microsoft own Minecraft?

Well unless Microsoft decides to hoard all the games for themselves, they still may release the sports games on other systems. Like they did with Minecraft.

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Microsoft buying Mojang helped get Minecraft to Nintendo platforms including the 3DS

I don't think it would have happened if Mojang remained independent

EA is a bit different though, since they are very conservative with Nintendo platforms, so I would say no direct effect but more indirect ones. If Microsoft did, in fact, acquire EA, I don't think EA games will become exclusive to the Xbox. Games will still come out for the PS4, but even less likely for the Switch

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MS has more respect for Nintendo than EA. I'm not sure MS games would be exclusive. Would they actually care which device plays their games/uses their subscriptions?

Interesting times.

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Nintendo would get more EA games.

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