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Forums - Sales Discussion - 2018 sales wise is off to a good start.

So last year when I was listing big titles for this year I was thinking god of war 4, spiderman, and rdr2.


3 games I'm hoping release before the holiday period and 3 games I suspect will sell big. But with monster Hunter lighting up January and shipping 5m copies in 1 weekend alone the year is looking even more promising. 


I think we can now list it as a big non annual seller for the year. Next up for the big hitters? God of war? Off the top of my head the only title with potential to sell big between now and then is far cry 5. Hopefully it surprises. 


So assuming far cry does at least decent and God of war sells big that would be a great start to 2018. Over the summer I'd like to think we'll get rdr2 and spiderman. Two titles I think will shift huge numbers. 


All we need then is a game or two to surprise sales wise for the last 4 months of the year and we'll have a hell of a 2018 in terms of software sales. What are the contenders? Could Detroit become a mini hit? Days gone surprise and sell a few million? Could the last of us 2 release? Outside of the annual holiday releases what will move software come the holiday..


Personally I think there will be a big Nintendo game. Maybe animal crossing. Can't see anything from Microsoft. Either way I'm hyped for 2018. A lot of inique titles that you don't see release too often with plenty of potential.


The fact monster Hunter works has joined the big boys ranks in January has given me great hope for a big 2018. Bring it on! 

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I think See of Thieves will be big. Same with FE for Nintendo.

I can see Sea of Thieves doing Cuphead numbers (2-3m), but not big (5m+)

Detroit will pull off a modest (2-3m)

God of War will be big (6m+)

Days Gone may slip into 2019

The Last Of Us Part II will release in 2019

Spider-Man will be big (similar to Horizon - 6m+)

RDR2 will be massive (10m on PS4, alone)


Sony has a great first half of the year set, and they're surely going to announce some games at E3 for the second half of the year.

Nintendo doesn't have anything big lined up that's set to release in the first six months of the year. Bayonetta 1 + 2 may do well, and Labo is just a wild card. Their E3 had better be killer, or Sony will have 2018 in the bag.

tbf, Microsoft could announce something big as well and it could be a hit. But, it's harder because Xbox One has less momentum and lower sales. A breakout hit like Sea of Thieves could turn it around.

Don't forget Dragonball. It's selling as we speak.

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There will be many big Nintendo games. We just have not heard about them yet.

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Dragon Ball will probably sell like 3 million. Kirby more than 3 (there is a true drought of games on Switch). Dark Souls R 4 mil just across Switch and PS4. Sea of Thieves can be a big hit but ut will be mostly digital. Forza Horizon 4 is going to be the biggest in the series if the rumours about it being set in Japan and having police turn out to be true.

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spurgeonryan said:
There will be many big Nintendo games. We just have not heard about them yet.

Wasnt there rumors that Nintendo would mostly coast by in 2018, and rely on 3rd party for this year?