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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Project Octopath Traveler demo surpasses one million downloads, improvements, more.

I REALLY want a Remake for Chrono Trigger and FFVI using this engine, it's Gorgeous!

Square Enix has announced that the Project Octopath Traveler demo has been downloaded over one million times. Additionally, the survey has recorded more than 45,000 responses.

Today, Square Enix released a brand new video for Project Octopath Traveler in which the developers explain how the game has been improved. These include a fast travel option, graphical adjustments, a radar, UI changes, a skip function for event scenes, and more. Watch the full video below.



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I have yet played the demo, and I feel really bad about it Dx

I did recently finish XC2, so perhaps I can make room for this soon...



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Nice to see them incorporating player feedback to improve the experience.

While the game itself isn't my cup of tea, it looks like it should be a treat for fans of old school JRPGs, and Switch can always use more quality exclusives.

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1M for the demo ? Dayum ! People are really excited about this one :)

I hope all the improvments the community has given back will give us an almost flawless experience.

3:52 ... Sick battle theme detected =_+

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That's a lot of downloads.

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Great news. I suggested skipping cutscenes myself. I died before the boss of Primrose's story, and had to sit through the entirety of that long scene before it again. It was far more tedious than it ever should have been, considering how good the demo had been up to that point.

I just want a release date already!

Need something off Play-Asia?

Just as well a skip function was the first improvement they did.

Some of those developers kind of sound like they weren't allowed to leave their desk for a week, until all the issues were fixed, lol... They all seem very invested/attached to the project, which is nice to see.

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Shikamo said:

I REALLY want a Remake for Chrono Trigger and FFVI using this engine, it's Gorgeous!

All the yes! Seriously Square Enix, get the fuck on this right now!

I played the demo when it first came out and absolutely loved it, but the ability to skip cutscenes will be nice, especially if you die during a boss fight and have to watch the entire cutscene again, I mean, it NEVER happened to me, but just sayin', imagine that happening to YOU! :P 

Can't wait for the game to come out, since it was first shown, it's been my most anticipated Switch game!