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Forums - Sales Discussion - Monster Hunter World Ships 5mil!


Capcom) today announced that Monster Hunter: World for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One*1 has shipped 5 million units worldwide (including digital download sales)

Sets series record for most units shipped in first three days,

Congrats to the series for taking a risk and getting the reward for it.

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It's sold out in Melbourne. My cousin had to buy it digitally. Been having fun with friends and family playing mhw

Jesus Christ!!! Thats awesome, it will easily become the best selling one in the series.

Good move on putting it on console again, instead of exclusive to just one handheld.

So at least 8m lifetime. I was way wrong with my prediction of 5m

I honestly always thought this was gonna sell amazingly, but was kind of scared of looking like a fool for proposing such a "crazy" idea.

Good to see this result.

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That’s amazing!
I wonder how much of those 5m are actually sold to customers though.

And some people thought it would barely do 2-3 millions... Well deserved, will pick the game later this year.

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If they sell out of the initial shipment + ship 2.75m more then my prediction will actually come true.
I think this game will have huge legs, it’s been consistently in the top 5 most watched games on twitch now and these days a big streamer/youtuber community is better than every advertisement apparently.


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Ahhh,some good crow will be eaten.