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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Fire Emblem 2017 - What I think Nintendo should have done

Firstly, I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan. Yes, I'm a newb to the series. I started with Awakening, loved it. Played the two campaigns in Fates, loved it (Still haven't played Revelation, but I have been holding out for a combined pack for Switch.... May just have to cave).

I am currently playing through Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. This one is by far my favourite of the FE games I've played so far. Though I do wish support conversations were a little more clear (it was weird that certain characters didn't interact with other ones), and I wish that the support system was back. Other than that, Echoes has become one of my favourite games I've played in a while. 

Now to where I'm going with this. I feel like Nintendo screwed two things up with Fire Emblem in 2017. By not having SoV a dual release on the Nintendo Switch, the sales suffered drastically (compare it to Fates and Awakening). The 3DS is on its last legs. A dual release would have definitely pushed closer to Fates numbers. I'm talking a straight port as well. The exact same game's visuals and all. (Save the HD for the *new* FE). They had a dual release for Warriors, so I don't know why they could not have done the same for Echoes. I feel like it's the type of game that should be on par with Fates and Awakening sales wise. It is so enjoyable.  It would have also made Switch's 2017 even more impressive.

Next, releasing Fire Emblem Warriors in 2017 was a mistake in itself, but to release it 1 week before Mario? Come on Nintendo. This game would have been a perfect January 2018 release. There are no other big releases this month. This would have helped maintain Switch's momentum after a strong holiday. Instead, it was lost in a sea of great games. It is pretty much completely forgotten about. It would have sold better I think if they released it in January. It would have had more attention, and would have been a great start to 2018.  

It's a shame because IMO, Echoes is the best FE game I've played and Warriors is superior to Hyrule Warriors in a lot of ways. 

What do you think? Am I crazy? Would it have made sense to do it this way?


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I think it just would've helped if FE Warriors released at least 3 weeks before Odyssey. Also, a lot of the reason it didn't pick up as much is because of the roster. It was bad timing and a robust roster choice, but I agree it is otherwise better than Hyrule Warriors.

Echoes would have definitely benefited from a Switch release, it still sold well though. Personally though, I would have rather seen a Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn dual pack for the Switch.

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Warriors is my favourite Switch game, I love it that much. But yes, it should have released worldwide at the same time. In Japan it released a month before Odyssey, and it should have done so overseas too.

As to Echoes, I agree that it could have been better on the Switch, but I'm happy it wasn't. From what I've read, one team focused on making it, and then another was focused on the Switch game, so given the extra time it should have more polish as a result. Better that than a rushed port. SoV was good as it was, and a straight port would have been savaged for having terrible graphics and such.

I agree on a Fates Switch port! As a whole, it's my #1 game of all time, I love Fates and would gladly buy it again. Got more than 600 hours on it now.

Yeah I agree, Warriors in January would have been great and made more sense. As for SoV on Switch, I doubt it would have been a quick and easy task to change the whole UI and touch screen options for a different console. And even then, I don't know how much better a remake with no dating sim would do on Switch than on 3DS' install base.

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I do think that Nintendo should have spent a little more time and investment on advertsiment for FE:Warriors, that game deserved more attention for sure.

As for Echoes.... I don´t think they should have ported it right away for the Switch. That game wasn´t supposed to be a huge hit by any means, it was focused on core FE fans and still to be sort of a "test" of what future Fire Emblem games should have. I loved it, by the way.

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Seeing people loving FE Echoes makes another FE elitist happy !
Was my first FE and ended up as one of my fav game on 3DS. I do hope the next FE on Switch will be more akin to Echoes, artstyle and storywise.

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Nice to see somebody who joined in at Awakening like the classic games more, is pretty rare to see

I definitely agree that releasing FE Warriors in January would make more sense

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maybe but I wouldnt have bought fire emblem warriors if they released it this year either I have no idea who most of the characters I seen in the trailers are I pretty much skipped the 3ds fire emblem games. Last Fire Emblem I played was Radiant Dawn. However I do agree about SoV I would have got it had it been released on switch even if it was just an eshop release

What Nintendo should have done with Fire Emblem Warriors was have a wide range of iconic characters from the whole series, rather than continue pandering to the Awakening/Fates group. Having Lyn and Celica in it doesn't remedy this. Where's other cool characters like Ike and Hector? I'll have to wait for FEW2 if they manage to make one...

Also, glad to hear you liked Echoes as well. It certainly does better than Awakening and Fates in certain aspects.



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I dunno if releasing Warriors in January would change things much honestly. Sure there's some overlap with people who buy every 1st party Nintendo game, but I feel like people interested in FE: Warriors weren't going to be dissuaded by Mario. On top of that, there's no rule that you can only buy a game at release...the game isn't going anywhere, and will be getting DLC throughout the year that seems to be a good value so far.

Honestly, there's probably more overlap between the Xenoblade and Fire Emblem fanbase than Fire Emblem and Mario, which would have released a month before this hypothetical release date.

Completely agreed about the Echoes getting a dual release though. It's easily the best Fire Emblem on 3DS, and it's unfortunate how limited its sales were. I suppose there might be reasons it couldn't be ported easily, but I still would have preferred this game on the Switch.

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