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Forums - Movies Discussion - Indiana Jones 5 is next Steven Spielberg film, followed by West Side Story

With a filmmaker as prolific and perennially busy as Steven Spielberg, sometimes it’s tough to keep track of all of his many projects and the order they may (or may not) be released. We recently reported that Spielberg had narrowed down his next project to two possibilities: West Side Story and Indiana Jones 5. Then, just earlier today, news broke that Spielberg is already looking to cast West Side Story, suggesting that just maybe this classic musical remake would be the next in line.

But as THR reports, that’s not the case. Their sources indicate that Spielberg will move ahead with Indiana Jones 5 before going into production on West Side Story. The plan is to start principal photography in 2019 for the Harrison Ford-starring franchise features ahead of its planned July 10, 2020 release date. The Untitled Indiana Jones Project comes more than 10 years after its previous installment, the much maligned (and deservedly so) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Be careful what you wish for with a new installment, but getting it out of the way sooner than later is probably a good move; Ford will celebrate his 77th birthday next year and is likely a bit anxious to wrap up his other famous film franchise in a big way.

Photo by: Niko Tavernise

Spielberg is reportedly taking his time in casting West Side Story in order to cast the pitch-perfect actors for the musical movie. The process, as you might have guessed, is all-or-nothing for Spielberg, who recently shelved The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara when the veteran filmmaker couldn’t find a child actor that fit the bill. Casting West Side Story should be easier, with the cast of Indiana Jones 5 easier still with Ford anchoring the cast.

But things could still change in the next couple of years. THR also says there’s a slim chance that a smaller film could sneak in before Indy 


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What are you hoping for in this film Vgcharters?


A return to ancient Christian adventures? Or more aliens? What about something else?

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It's sad when even Steven Spielberg has run out of ideas.

thismeintiel said:
It's sad when even Steven Spielberg has run out of ideas.

I cannot say much has impressed me from him in years. While he usually has good movies still, I am not excited for them like I used to be. His recent movie may be good and up for some Oscars, but I am in no rush to see them. I guess you cannot be on top forever...or can you? Clint Eastwood still makes interesting movies and he is nearly 90 I believe.






..I will still see Indy 5 though.

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I haven't seen all of the Indiana Jones movies. The only ones I've seen are Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

thismeintiel said:
It's sad when even Steven Spielberg has run out of ideas.

He's made so many good movies that I think the man has earned the right to direct what he likes.

Personally, I'm kind of happy they're revisiting Indiana Jones. I've always felt iconic characters deserve proper sendoffs, and Stallone showed with Rocky Balboa that it can be done right... The truth is Indi should have just been left at the Last Crusade as that was a great film (might actually be my favorite of the trilogy), but now that Crystal is a thing a proper close to the franchise seems necessary again.

I'm not entirely sure it's fair to say he's run out of ideas either, as even when one revisits a franchise new ideas can still be instilled into them, which is hopefully what we see here. It's not as if anyone is really coming up with original stories anymore; the best one can do is give them a fresh coat of paint and context.

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Spiel is like Star Wars. Creatively bankrupt for 30 years.

Can't wait for Indiana Jones 5. I actually liked 4

For God sake no aliens please.

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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I’m surprised the WSS remake is actually happening.

I'm gonna give it a chance, I know Spielberg don't do the same kind of masterpieces he used to do, but he still have some pretty damn good recent movies. I personally thought that Lincoln, Munique, Bridge of Spies and The Adventures of Tintim were awesome and I really think that The BFG is underated. I am also looking forward to Ready Player One.