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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What movies or anime would you like to have a game of on one of the three consoles?

PC as well,  sure. 

What are the likelihood of it happening? 


I would love to see Edge of Tomorrow on PS4. If they truly did it right the game could be amazing with a lot of action. First Person view of course. 

How about you? 

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A Guardians of the Galaxy game, of course. Would ideally be released on every platform but I'd take a Switch version.

Chances of it happening? Well we got Telltale, I guess that's as close as it gets. In fact I have no idea how a GotG game would even work, but eh, it still needs to happen.

full metal panic on switch or ps4. fmp fumoffu is my favourite anime.

A studio ghibli anime video game... switch...

Hunter x hunter fighting game... ps4

I really like that pokemon anime.. i would like an RPG game about pocket monsters... like catch em and fight em... i think switch would be good for it


An Harry Potter action adventure RPG that chronicles the entire 8 years of story.



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Well, Girls und Panzer ...

Oh, wait, they're doing it!

Give me a Yozakura Quartet game, too.  It's all kinds of epic.

A open world Pokemon game (like Breath of the wild/Xenoblade) using Unreal 4 and made by Game Freak with Monolith Soft


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None I could post here and none that would be approved by the platform holders.

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I've said for a while that Naughty Dog could make a pretty kickass 007 game.

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