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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Gameware Stops Selling Xbox Systems in Reaction to Recent Game Pass Announcement

Looks like the first retailer doesn't want to support the new strategy Microsoft is aiming for

The Austrian shop Gameware is quoted saying they "don't understand why one should still sell Microsoft consoles."

I remember in my country there where 2 stores that refused the sell the PSP Go because if was all digital, I can imagine retailers being scared about an all digital future but I didn't see this coming, I am quite sure Microsoft won't change their strategy because of this but I wonder what would happen is Gamestop or someone else would respond in a simulair manner.

What do you think about this news?

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An understandable reaction from my go-to online retailer for video games.

The original German source contained this link as an explanation for Microsoft's actions:

EDIT: That's actually quite a strange conclusion to the article, but at least the main point (hardware-less future) holds water.

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Well, then they'll just buy Xboxes from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, or Amazon. I get what they're trying to do, but I think it'll be a while before this specifically takes out a large chunk of Xbox software sales.

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 The very last wake -up call for retailers, they need to do something asap, if not, they are gone. Period.

In my country they  are selling pillows  right there where they were selling games.  The same company to make this funnier.

Not only digital sales but now this ( betting sony and nin will follow ) will just kill them in the near future. 

Well, this is what will cause the death of brick-and-mortar dedicated game stores. The inability to adapt to these times.

To be fair, I dont think this effects either the gameware or xbox that much. Since Xbox is non-existant in mainland europe anyways. Wouldnt be surprised if other retailers in the area do this too.

Now, it would be HUGE if a US/UK/Canada/Australia/etc chain tried to pull this off, which would be very unlikely.

Gamestop is already partnered with microsoft and already is selling one-month game pass cards, and are adding 6-month cards soon, so I doubt the two are on bad terms at the moment.

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You're going to see retailers embrace Nintendo more and more because of moves like this. Retail shops may be just Sony and Nintendo with MS's desired end goals not lining up with old styles of purchasing and reselling.

Digital only really annoys me. I buy physical games as birthday/Christmas presents. A Steam voucher is not the same as “Rachet and Clank”, even if the $$$ is the same.

Heck- I would buy “Shovel Knight” on steam if it came with a decent presentation card. But no - a receipt. How fun is that to unwrap?

Well retailers don't profit from selling Xbox one's.... Ohh wait... They do

bananaking21 said:
Well retailers don't profit from selling Xbox one's.... Ohh wait... They do

Not much considering how much inventory space they take up. The main draw of selling game consoles in your store has pretty much always been profiting more off of the games sold with it.

OT: The writing's been on the wall for a while. Unless retailers can find a way to adapt (can't think of one myself), the digital era was always going to leave them behind. I wonder when the tipping point will be. What percentage of games sales will be digital before most major retailers decide the consoles they play on aren't worth the shelf space? Maybe the big 3 will give them a bigger cut of the console sale to counteract that.

lol. They spat their dummy out and threw their toys out the pram.