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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Aquarium management game "Abyssrium" coming to Switch! Will contain enhancements for a new experience.

Aquarium management game Abyssrium coming to Switch
posted on 01.24.18 at 11:19 PM EST by Sal Romano (@salromano)
Build and manage your own aquarium.



Flero Games is bringing Idle Idea Factory’s aquarium management smartphone game Abyssrium to Switch, the publisher announced. In addition to Idle Idea Factory, the Switch version is being developed by Tokyo-based Sally’s Law developer Polaris-X. 

Since its initial release for smartphones in July 2016, Abyssrium has been downloaded over 25 million times. Today, more than 800,000 players are still enjoying the game.

According to Flero Games company director Richard Chang, “While a concrete release schedule has yet to be determined, the Nintendo Switch version will have higher quality graphics than the smartphone version and implement various experiences. We are working as best as we can in order to appeal to Nintendo Switch fans across the world.”





Here is an overview of the smartphone version, via its official website:


Abyssruium is created by Idle Idea Factory who developed Quest the schedule managing app selected as an appstore editer’s choice. Abyssruium has a concept that a little stone under the deep see spewing life and energy creating corals and fish.

Key Features

  • A Clicker Game Anyone Can Approach – Anyone can easily play this game by just tapping the screen which creates lives. Also corals creating the lives without tapping makes the game a lot easier.
  • VR, 3D Capturing Maximizes the Fun of Watching – Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR mode. You can watch little fish swimming overhead and right before your eyes—in 3D. This game provides 3D capture function. Users can move, rotate, magnifies, and reduce camera on a paused screen and captures the moment to save and share. Also there will be a picture contest rewards 3 pictures every week to maximize fun of watching the beautiful seabed. You can participate by sharing your pictures on the Instagram with specific hashtag on it.
  • Beautiful 3D Design and Sound – This game has realized deep undersea that you could not experience by other games using high quality of low-polygon 3D. Also tranquil and lyrical sound get along with the graphic enlarges the level of immersion.
  • Various Contents Filled with Everything Under the Sea – You can unlock hundreds species of fish and twenties species of coral one by one. You can also decorate your fish bowl by placing your fish freely. This game will never got boring with three powerful skills unlocking according to the level of stone, event that your status goes twice as much at every 25th level, and dozens of achievement which continually renew a goal the game.
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Probably not huge for most, but I love me a good sim game.

Looks beautiful


Looks nice but I'll probably pass. Give me SimCity & Planet Coaster 👌

Heck give me cities skylines too 👌

Looks more like an interactive video than a game, but it still looks pretty nice

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Much like that Tomagotchi Labo, it seems like an opportunity for an aquarium one here that they can decorate/add stickers to and such.

I might have to actually have some kids so I have an excuse to use some of this stuff in the future lol... I suppose I'll put a "Grown Man-Child Looking for Excuse to Play With Cardboard Via Your Progeny, PST" ad in the paper.

That's a terrible name for something that adorable.

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Looks cool..reminds me I want a new endless ocean tho