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Regular version: $60

Deluxe version with special skin: $70

Special version with Season Pass: $99.99

Ultra hardcore collector's version with steel book and statue plus a free dlc theme: $149.99


It's annoying. As a gamer who wants the game and doesn't want to feel like he's missing out on something, all of these versions with exclusive content, pre order bonuses, and season passes without any idea what the actual content is going to be--i hate it.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z comes out in two days. I don't even know what comes with each version and which version I should get. If I buy the cheaper version, maybe I won't be able to buy certain content. If I buy the expensive version, I could be paying an extra $40 for some goddam Saiyba men. If I don't pre-order by tomorrow at midnight, I'll miss some DLC.


Fuck. How did things get so bad?

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I dont like it either but its not hard to figure out lol. Google is your friend.

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This is a trifecta of not wanting to raise the official price above $60, greed, and people that keep paying for the previous two items mentioned.

The video game industry is narrowing down its target audience and the easy solution to that problem is to harvest more money per individual customer.

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Just get the version you want. If the stuff in it sounds like worthless crap... don't pay extra for it

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It's easy, you just cease to buy AAA western games that does this kind of pratice cuz their motivation becomes way too clear by then.

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I agree on there being too many versions of games. They'll exist as long as people keep buying them and that's the problem. It's why there's so many versions of skyrim floating around.

I'm just waiting for Capcom to do a Super Ultra Hyper Alpha Turbo  EX Plus Arcade Edition Remix collectors edition of Street Fighter V for only a cool 15 billion dollars you get 1 copy of the game,season pass,CD soundtrack, artbook,8" statue of your wallet and all of CAPCOM the company. Season pass exclusive to Best Buy. 

Mar1217 said:
It's easy, you just cease to buy AAA western games that does this kind of pratice cuz their motivation becomes way too clear by then.

Sadly it's not only the west... look at FF XV, Blazblue, etc... not to mention his example is DBZ.

...but yeah, you are right at one thing. Most western games needen't even be looked at, let alone bought.

I usually buy later and cheap so I couldn't care less.

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