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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How important is VR (Games) to you in the future? + The Inpatient - Launch Trailer

How important is VR (Games) to you in the future? That would be interesting to me. Is VR a nice feature, a great experience, or incredibly important to the future of video games for you personally? Let's see what the majority thinks about it. And which genre does VR best use? I think for survival horror games (for me).

By the way, PSVR Game: The Inpatient

Here the Launch Trailer:

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Looking forward to playing my first big open world game on a premium VR headset. Either of which have yet to be made. Fingers crossed for something like that to happen within the next 5 years.

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I'll try to make my debut in the next 2 years. But, I ain't as hype like I was 3 years ago :P

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Had PSVR, sold it. So for me off no importance.

As it stands, VR isn't really all that important to me. Sure I like the look of the HTC Vive knuckle controllers and VR chat, but nothing else really stands out to me as something I'd need to really rush out and grab a headset for.

I'm looking at another 3-5 years wait until VR really grabs me, and that's if it grabs me and improves drastically.

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Idk about the future but currently it’s by far the most enjoyable way to play Videogames to me. I don’t think I will ever play a shooter with a controller again where I have to look on a small flat screen to watch a game like I would look through a window and move a analog stick to move a crosshairs that’s fixed in the middle of the screen again though. That just feels extremely bad compared to playing something like farpoint with psvr aim controller.

Currently I game 70% on psvr and 30% on switch (on the go, in bed). I don’t use the ps4 for tv based gaming anymore for 15 months now.


btw: most people that dislike vr havnt tried it yet or suffer from motion sickness on my expierence. I don’t think anybody that has no problem with motion sickness and has a vr headset would prefer playing any game just on the tv.

i do understand those people though, I was pretty turned off from vr after getting motion sick while playing driveclub in the first weeks of ownership as well and almost sold the headset. Luckily I havnt and my body Adepted to the new medium over time, so I don’t suffer from motion sickness anymore :)

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It revived my interest in gaming and made me feel like a kid again. It's very important to me as I'm not looking forward to any non VR games anymore.

I'll be picking up the inpatient in store tomorrow. Not sure when I'll get to it though, my VR backlog is growing and GTS is so addictive. I can imagine how bad that would be if the full game was in VR! I played DriveClub again for months in VR.

Current VR is a great place for developers to get their heads wrapped around development. I don't expect AAA titles to be in VR exclusive for the next few years, but I would like to see all AAA titles have some form of VR. For any remaster of previous gen titles, VR is close to a must.

Once we move to next gen VR, I expect nearly all AAA titles to go VR exclusive. I will be extreamly disappointed if Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Horizon, Naughty Dog Title, don't take full advantage of VR, Motion Controls, Full Body Tracking, and Voice. These are industry leading IPs or developers that showcase the pinnacle of gameplay, story telling, and immersion. I hope they will continue to set the example for the rest of the industry and drive demand for VR.

The more VR I play the harder it is to go back to a Controller and TV. Even with a 75" 4K HDR display the expereince does not even hold a candle to VR. You can not subsitute size or resolution for the optics that put you right inside the expereince. Nor can your replace control of limbs and hands with the extreamly limited functions of a traditional controller. Controller and TV now feels like I have been in a horrible accident and no longer have any control of my body, and I am forced to look through a window in a helmet.

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Not really interested in VR, to be honest. It hasn't proved it can do anything regular games can't do. Motion controlls proved it could add a lot, specially when it's complementary to the regular controlls. I still have to see this happening to VR.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Im surprised Sony hasnt tried bringing KZ Mercs or something to PS4 with added VR. Seems like remasters/ remakes of older games with optional VR support would be the obvious thing to do.