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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sales of Nintendo Labo

Hoy many units do you calculate or predict that Nintendo Labo will sell? It can be on launch, first year(s) or lifetime.


Do you consider that is better to invest on a switch game than on Labo? 

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Over 10 million easily.

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5m this year


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i will say 7 millions. but most of the sales will be in november-december

but i really wonder what the model they adapt afterward. do they plan to release more and more kit that come with a software, and you have to buy each kit, or do they plan to make this the base safetware, and releasing litterally dlc, where you get to buy a set of cardboard with a downloadable software that expend the base kit...

500,000 first day, 1,400,000 lifetime

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i think it will be 5 million......

nintendo wants the new wii effect....

or amiibo :P

12 million if it became a "thing" for the kids


The interest and curiosity is already there and Nintendo seems confident enough in it to release it in April instead of the holidays so I'll say 5m+ by the end of 2018. If Microsoft can ship 8m Kinect units during the 2010 holidays at a $150 price-tag then people will buy Labo at a $70-$80 price tag.

It's very hard to predict because it's so different.

FW - 500k
FY - 3.1m
LT - 5.6m

I dont expect much. Similar to 1,2 Switch


6M/7M LT

300k First week.

But who knows really. :P

It can fail miserably right of the gate or become a major success like the wii out of nowhere since this is a different concept in videogames.