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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dragon Ball FighterZ proves 2018 might be just as heavy as 2017 in terms of quality games

Dragon Ball FighterZ is probably one of the most anticipated games of 2018 alongside Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us Part 2, God of War and Monster Hunter World and, according to the first reviews that came in, it seems to be an amazing game. Not only that, but its metascore (currently at 87 but it won't change much) already gives us a good meter for comparison with 2017 ! 87 is only one point short of 88, the final metascore of NieR: Automata, one of the best games of 2017 and matches perfectly the 87 earned by Injustice 2, arguably the best fighting game of 2017 (before you say it, I prefer Tekken over Injustice and probably ARMS too) and covers an important genre for the industry (I won't count Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, that's an old game with content that should have been there on day one and a bunch of DLC characters). 

Now add all the previous games I listed among the most anticipated (let's throw out TLOU2 to play it safe) to others such as Kindgom Hearts 3, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest XI, possibly Pokémon, Battlefield and you have a huge list of games, wether for quality or popularity (or both), as far as we know all of these games have the potential to be masterpieces, to be what Breath of the Wild, Persona 5 or Super Mario Odyssey were for 2017. In my opinion starting the year with 2 great games, when some of the biggest companies in the industry still haven't announced some of their major projects (Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft) makes me think we shouldn't underestimate 2018 and should be happy for the overall status of the quality achiavable in the industry. Shure, there's stuff that can be improved, but that's an argument for almost anything in life, wouldn't it be boring to play a perfect game ? A game so good you can't even think of a way to make something cooler ? I say improvement is what we must look forward to and improvement is what the industry has achieved in 2017, here's to hope 2018 won't disappoint.

Oh and let's not forget about the Indies, 2017 was a stellar year for indie developers and by far the biggest surprises came from that part of the industry since indie games can afford to release relatively close to their reveal.

What are your expectations for 2018 ? Do you want more than 2017 or is your wallet still recovering ?

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2018 looks like a good year for me in terms of RTS/sim games. I'm still looking forward to some indie titles, but again, another year where I find myself looking at a tiny handful of AAA games that might interest me (one of them being delayed till fall, which could very well turn out to being an expensive and buggy af port job).


2018 is looking to be a wallet punching year. .. I dont understand what DBFZ has to do with that though.

There is no TLoU this year, zero chance.

Probably heavier.

Monster hunter, Dissidia, DB:FZ in the first month alone.

Throw in spiderman, God of war, RDR2, etc and it is a huge year.

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I'm looking forward to Treyarchs Call of Duty game.

I wouldn't extrapolate based on 1 data point...

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