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List away at some great hidden gems on PS4. 


In no order here we go.

Odin Sphere HD- great remake to a promising but problematic PS2 game.

Abzu-Do you like Journey? If so then play this. It's Journey under the sea.

Rime- I'm a sucker for emotional games like this. If you are into Ico then try it.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons- See Rime.

Gundam Versus- Don't have to know Gundam to like this game. It's Virtual-ON basically.

Gravity Rush- Please play this game. It's amazing!

Wonderboy The Dragon's Trap- What a great remake of a classic game. Play it, please!

Yakuza 0- Easily my favorite 2017 game. Every PS4 owner should own this game.

Yakuza Kiwami-  While it is a remake, after 0 it feels like an Expansion

Okami HD- One of the best Zelda games ever.

Assault Suit Leynos-Remake and a great one to boot from a Genesis game of the same name or in the US was known as Target Earth.

Earth Defense Force 4.1- EDF! EDF! EDF! TO save our mother earth from any alien attack...

Raiden V-One of the best Shmups on PS4 to a classic series.

Darius Burst CS- One of the best Shmups on PS4 to a classic series-plus tons of great nostalgic DLC from any developer you loved in the 90s.

Astebreed-Wonderful cross breed of Shmup and hack n slash. highly recommended!

Nex Machina-Maybe the best twin-stick shooter this generation. Dear god play this game!

Resogun- Again a great shmup but also Defender clone. All these games have a great OST

Matterfall- Once again great game from these devs and a great OST.

Wild Guns Reloaded- Great shooter from the SNES era. Tough as nails and a great couch co-op experience.

Ghost Blade HD- A good but tough Shmup

Wipeout Omega Collection- Best collection of this series.

Ys Origin-One of the best action RPGs out there and it's an RPG on speed!

Ys VIII- not as good as origin and different formula but still a great action RPG.

Nier Automata- Ok this might not be hidden but the more word to spread about this game the better.

Earth's Dawn- This is basically Odin Sphere meets  Gears of War.

Undertale- Great game but a little odd.

.hack GU HD- HDE collection of PS2 games and they are really good. Really good story.

Digimon Cybersleuth- Don't have to care about Digmon to like this game. It's a very good SMT clone

Persona 5- Again maybe not hidden but one of the systems best RPGs.

Transformers Devastation- Bayonetta with Transformers.

Dragon's Dogma-There is good reason this is a cult hit. Play it!

Grim Fandango-Wow what a great game! Really amazing adventure game!

King of Fighters XIV-Best Fighting game on the system IMO

Caladrious Blaze-Amazing Shmup-if offended by anime girls in skimpy outfits then don't play.

Apotheon-Only God of War game I accept


That's my list. What is yours?

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Sundered — a deep and rewarding procedurally-generated Metroidvania
RIVE — a tough puzzle-performer with an old-school sensibility
Ys VIII — a terrific action-RPG with tons to see and do
Song of the Deep — another great Metroidvania packed with clever puzzles

Thumper- I'm really not into rhythm games, but this game is the one exception.
Doesn't get enough attention imo.

Lego city undercover- easily the best lego game ever period. A weird cross between lego and gta that somehow works

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The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

Nex Machina

Great arcade game and Housemarque's best game.

Just saw a thread on Resetera with the same topic. Omega quintet. I enjoyed it a lot.

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You forgot Salt and Sanctuary.

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Infamous 1st Light

Transistor... other than that I don't think I have anything that would be considered hidden.

Azuren said:
You forgot Salt and Sanctuary.

Never played it.

SegataSanshiro said:
Azuren said:
You forgot Salt and Sanctuary.

Never played it.

Dark Souls and Symphony of the Night had a baby that's everything you would expect it to be.

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