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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The 3rd party support of Switch...would you say it is already better than the Wii? does?

Yes! It is beating Wii to the ground! 12 41.38%
No! Switch still have a lot to learn! 10 34.48%
Meh...they are kinda the same. 7 24.14%

With the third party support Switch has gotten so far, and that includes the games that were already released and the ones to be released, would you say is already better than the third party support of Wii or still have a long way to go to surpass it? (Incoming wall of text)

When you compare the third party support you notice a few key differences, when you look at the indie support you notice Nintendo is pushing the indie studios a lot more for the Switch than it did with the Wii. I would say Wii got an okay indie support, but being a very not-friendly platform for indie developers. For once, that stupid limitation of the size on the digital games available on WiiWare should have proved to be a trouble for many devs. On the other hand a lot of indies on Switch went to became huge hits.Then you have another point to consider: The shovelwares. While many studios were working on Wii, we can't ignore the huge amount of shovelware and weird party games they were producing. So far that hasn't been much of a problem for Switch (I mean,when you look at both libraries).

Then you have the major third parties wich becames sort of a mix to compare. Companies like Capcom, EA, Konami and Activision were supporting Wii big time. Games like Need for Speed, Fifa, The Sims and Call of Duty were almost every time a given that they would release on the platform every time a new game was announced. Looking a few individually:


-EA launched Fifa 18 and will release FE next month and besides that rumor that Burnout Paradise would be coming as well, they said to be still waiting for Switch to complete 1 year of life before deciding the support they will give the platform.

-Konami had an exclusive game at launch but nothing else the rest of the year (But granted,they haven't done much last year...), Activision had one game and that's it,we haven't heard anything else from them.

-Capcom have a few number of games, but are still on that weird place were they said they will support the platform but fail to bring some of their obvious titles, while I don't believe that happened on Wii. Bandai and Koey on the other hand have been really supportive on Switch.

-Ubisoft had a lot of games on Wii, a LOT let me tell you. But when you look at it you noticed the the majority are party titles and games from franchises like Rabbids, Just Dance and Imagine. They had a big exclusive for Switch that escaped from that convention so it might be worth it to take it into consideration.

-Sega had two Sonic titles and Puyo Puyo Tetris and will publish Phantasy Star in Japan. There is also the Bayonetta trilogy but I don't really consider as Sega games...Platinum, speaking of witch (See what I did there?) is being a good supporter, but it also was on Wii.

And then you can look of a bunch of studios that haven't done much on Wii but are being supportive on Switch. NIS jumped on the console with all they got, Telltale is bring their past titles over, Bethesda is being a surprisingly good partner so far, Square are having a much more diverse catalog of games on Switch while on Wii, besides FF Crystal Chronicles, didn't made much besides Dragon Quest games. From Software just announced Dark Souls and Rockstar released L.A. Noire. And a few other big hits like Minecraft, Rocket League and Stardew Valley saw a release on Switch.


So taking all of this into consideration, are the third party support on Switch better so far? Or is still behind what Wii had?

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Atm i'd still say Wii had better 3rd party support as it had exclusive games specifically tailored for the system, eg, trauma centre and boomblox but undoubtedly things will get better for the Switch and we will be able to say either this year or next that 3rd party support is better than Wii, hopefully.



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

Overall? No

In the same time frame? Yes

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In the same time frame easily.

Switch already has the advantage with digital-only games, but when it comes to retail games, it still has some way to go. The Wii had an okay collection of decent to good third party games, so that's something that can't be beaten in less than a year. Things are looking up for Switch though, so it's only a matter of time. For example, the eventual RPG library of Switch will steamroll what Wii got. Indie games have also come a long way since a decade ago, so they aren't short little games anymore.

By the end of 2018 and including the announced games for 2019, it should be safe to say that Switch beats Wii.

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In number? No. In quality? Yes. Of course, that is subjective.

No, but it's actually already, almost hilariously close. Quality and volume of 3rd party output aside, the portability factor gives third party support an extra sheen that wasn't present on the Wii, which featured ports that were almost always considered to be, and rightfully so, simply inferior versions of games available on the *shudder* "HD Twins". There was a smattering of good/great exclusive 3rd party games on the Wii, but it was a veritable 3rd party wasteland next to it's competitors.

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Indie support = yes. 3rd party big games = so and so...
I need to wait for new games from 3rd party and better ports atleast. Not like 2K, it already have the hype but failed miserably. They should make games better, if the PS and X1 versions already have day 1 patches. They may need to triple their workload for the Switch version since 2K seems releasing games with too many bugs.

I'd say it's far better in terms of quality, though not quite yet quantity. The key difference as someone who owned both is that I'm actually interested in owning multiplats for the Switch as they're generally close ports that play well rather than some poorly ported and/or built from the ground up lesser version of other games.

With some exceptions the ports I've played have already been better than those I experienced on the Wii. I imagine within a year or so quantity will also catch up.

Easily within the same time frame.It's being treated as a serious system and not a dump off as a token release only. Sure it has some of that but a good deal of Switch games are good and replaced the Vita releases with Switch. That's not a bad thing.