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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wonder Woman Video Game

At the moment we have only male lead superhero video games -

Superman Batman The Hulk Spiderman and others

Tomb Raider is one of only games to have female lead but it's not from the superhero genre.

Do you like the situation as it is now or

Would you want to have a superhero video game such as Wonder Woman?

Tell me what you think.

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There are plenty of female leads in video games. Last year alone we got Horizon Zero Dawn with Aloy and Uncharted Lost Legacy, Nier Automata with 2B, (although technically an android). Except for the uncharted girls I think we can safely say Aloy and 2B are pretty much super heroes in their own right. Now if you talk licensed super heroes, no Wonder Woman is ridiculously over powered. So how about hawkgirl or any other league or Marvel girl.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

I don't care either way. I'll play whatever if I thinks it's good. I recommend that they go with a new IP because games based off of recent super hero movies tend to be bad and most gamers know that.

Rocksteady could make a great Wonder Woman game, the problem is I'd rather play as Batman... and Batman would sell way more...

A Wonder Woman game would probably be relegated to a smaller studio and be developed with a much smaller budget, and it's quality would probably suffer for it. If Rocksteady took the risk though, it could really take off as a series, it just requires the initial "risk".

It would be great. Sadly, licensed games are kind of a thing of the past. We get a few once in a while, but mostly on iOS.

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Make a Wonder Woman themed PS2/3 era GoW game and Im in.

Gravity Rush games you are a female superhero. Same with Bayonetta.

SegataSanshiro said:

Gravity Rush games you are a female superhero. Same with Bayonetta.

Gravity Rush needs more love from people as well. Go play Gravity Rush everyone