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Forums - Sony Discussion - Fun comparation: PS4 VS GTA V, which will sell more?


Question number 2, how many consoles are gonna be surpassed by GTA V?

GTA V will only outsell 360 and PS3 7 33.33%
GTA V will outsell Wii and PS1 8 38.10%
GTA V will outsell Gameboy 4 19.05%
GTA V will outsell DS and... 2 9.52%

You know, when you are at school in Saturday, is the last hour, and the prof is not even teaching because is doing oral tests to others students, about something you already have a good vote...

All you want is go home but must wait , and you are starting to ask yourself so many question.....

What is the sense of life? Does god exists? Are aliens real? who will get my vote in the next elections?



I know the comparation is strange since we are comparing a game to a console lol, but this looks fun anyway so what do you think?

Actual numbers (using sold in for both, since we don't have as many sold through figures for GTA V ). As for September 2017:

GTA - 85 million
PS4 - 67.5 million (now 73.6 million sold through)


Yearly sales:

2013 - 4.5 million
2014 - 15.4 million
2015 - 17.8 million
2016 - 19.7 million
2017 - 10.4 million from January to September


2013 - 32.5 million
2014 - 12.5 million
2015 - 15.0 million
2016 - 15.0 million
2017 - 10 million from January to September


I think i'll go with GTA V: this game is just immortal. It sells to every fucking new people who buy a PS4, or an Xbox one (of course not everyone lol but you get what i mean), plus steam sales, and i expect also a Switch version which if happen will definitively sell very good.

Also, a PS5 port may be possible? Who know lol

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School on a Saturday? Damn boy :(

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Tmfwang said:
School on a Saturday? Damn boy :(


I honestly feel like gta5 will win in the long run. PS4 is probably done around 2020 or 2021 but we all know they're going to remaster gta5 for next gen and there's probably going to be a switch port so that's a whole new generation of platforms for GTA to simply never stop selling on.

PS4, assuming there are no more ports or remasters of GTA V.

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BTW it's comparison

GTA V will win this hands down. There's no way the game is not selling a couple of million more on PS4/XBOne, plus the more than possible Switch, PS5 and NexTbox. This game is going to beat the PS2 in sales in 10 years from now.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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GTA 5 will sell more easily as I'm sure Take Two will bring it to the Switch. The Switch would probably run it better than PS3 in docked mode and about the same in portable mode so with the way both the console and game are selling there is no reason why it won't. The novelty of a portable version of the game will also add to the appeal a lot. Else...I'd still pick GTA 5 :P

It depends.
If no more ports: PS4 will win.
If Switch port: Similar sales.
If PS5/XboxNew ports: GTA 5 wins.

Switch will sell more than both.