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The PS5 Exists. 

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I hope they add some new tracks soon. I can't see myself playing it again until then, no matter how many new cars they add.

hopefully they fix the vr mode finally, is very lacklusting and I just cant play the game without vr scince the expierence is so much inferior :/

At least add time trial to the vr mode, cant be to hard right ?!

It needs new tracks. The track rotation is starting to get very stale. I'm still hoping Nurb 24h makes it back to sport mode yet it seems to have been a once in a lifetime :/ Brand's hatch and Nurb GP again today.

Letting me play sport mode in VR would make it a lot more interesting. At least the qualifying.

Hopefully some new offline events as well. It's still a long way to lvl 50 and sport mode isn't providing any significant xp.