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WOW i cant believe they took it out of the game and replaced it with dont forget saw this video and wanted to share.. it was annoying but funny

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I heard about this, which really bummed me out. I can get it was annoying to some people, but I found it hilarious myself. What's more annoying is that they just cut out parts in the clips, rather than make new ones. It just sounds awkward now.



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I had the field VA turned off like a bit after the prologue so this doesn't really affect me. If anything needs fixing is the whole battle dialogue frequency and repetition imo, not just the meme soldiers.

Oh no, but "think you can take me" gave us this jewel:

Well, we won't forget you :P

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I turned the voices down, but once you stop fighting those guys in Chapter 5, and stop using Tora, then field vocals become fine again.

I am wondering if this is a bug: like the game had 18 voice slots or something, but they had accidentally only recorded two clips, and got lazy so they filled all 18 slots with only 2 audio clips.

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I only had issue with it at one point in Chapter 2 when on the battle ship. After that, I got the joke and was fine. I hope my favorite line.. 'You're Done' sticks around although I am well passed having to face any of those soldiers types.

I personally wish there was a a way to turn off the voices completely at collection points. I know you can by pass most of them by click a button but even just hearing one can get annoying.

They could have just reduced the amount. Jeez.

And if they have take out "I''ll beat ye up propa next time I sweah" i'm gonna be done with this franchise.