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Will Pokémon on the Switch be as succesful as it was on the DS/3DS?

Yes 22 88.00%
No 3 12.00%
See results 0 0.00%

The 3DS games did very well, considering the fact that the console only sold half as much as its predecessor. Hopefully Pokémon Switch will reach the 20 million mark.

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Sales numbers for the 3DS games are pretty impressive considering that the console sold less than half of what the DS did. Pokémon for Switch will probably sell more than any other Pokémon game (maybe not more than Red/Blue/Green) unless they screw everything up.


I don't think Pokemon Switch will be anywhere near as big as people here are predicting, but it isn't impossible.

Especially since it seems Switch seems to have gotten the biggest Zelda and 3D Mario to date.

The interesting detail on Pokemon's performance on 3ds and Ds is that DS pokemon games have been bigger in Japan than the 3ds pokemon games (x/y: 4.4 mio; Sun/Moon: 3.7mio - Diamond/pearl: 6 mio; black/white: 5.6 mio - even Pokemon on GBA sold better than Pokemon on the 3ds) whereas it is the opposite in europe (x/y: 5.2 mio, Sun/moon: 4.3 mio - diamond pearl: 4.5 mio; black/white: 3.2 mio). Sales in the US stayed about the same (just slightly higher for the DS games). That is especially remarkably considering the user base: DS sold 33 mio in Japan and 3ds sits at around 24 mio - about 30% userbase drop (24 mio by the way is still massive - 3rd biggest ever in Japan). DS sold 52 mio in Europe and 3ds sits at around 20 mio - about a 60% user base drop (which are decent number but still the weakest sales for a handheld in europe ever). The US had a similiar drop in terms of user base- but here pokemon sales are almost the same. What could be the reasons? The great sales in Europe are probably thanks to the success of Pokemon Go but what about Japan? Could it be that digital sales for those games are just massive in Japan? Are japanese gamers not happy about the new visuals on the 3ds (lack of top-down view?)